Kedai Laut Bakar Soon Lee

by The Foodster on Sat, January 27, 2001

This is the place to have seafood in Sri Kembangan

Grilled stingray is great with chilli dipping sauce...

Foodster's Verdict

Kedai Laut Bakar Soon Lee
  • Address

    Makanan Laut Bakar Soon-Lee Sri Kembangan Sri Kembangan Selangor

  • Open


  • Pros

  • Cons

    Can be a bit tricky to find this place

  • Price Range

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Pork Free

Today, the Foodsters are trying Seafood at Kedai Makanan Laut Bakar Soon Lee! This is Sri Kembangan's best-kept secret. To those who know the place, they just keep coming back. There are those who have heard of the place, but have no idea how to get there.

Also, those who have been there (brought in by some friends) sampled the great food, wanted to come again, but simply cannot trace the route they'd taken. The rest of you out there, this is the place for some great, exotic, on-the-street type Chinese food.

We just love the food here. No. 1 on the list is the "makanan laut bakar'. That can range from the ikan pari (pou yi) and ikan kembung to crabs and large prawns. The ikan pari bakar is our all time favourite. The fish is grilled under charcoal until it's just nice. It is then taken with sauce (which is home-"tumbuk" chillies, onions and garlic).

Next is the baked pigeon. They've got the spices just right. The flesh is nice and tender and skin is crispy. You shouldn't miss this. Also order the herb chicken (sek chi kai). They use authentic kampung chicken, so the meat gives you a nicer bite and is juicier. The chicken is wrapped in aluminium foil and blended with some exotic herbs, then put under the charcoal fire to cook.



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