Laksa Teluk Kechai

by The Foodster on Sun, February 13, 2005

Started by Don Laksa (no mafia connections or is there?), his successors are still doing him proud

They use wood fire to cook it on

Foodster's Verdict

Laksa Teluk Kechai
  • Address

    250, Jalan Kuala Kedah, Alor Setar
    Tel: 04 762 1071

  • Open

    Open from 1pm to finish, about 7pm, Closed Fridays

  • Pros

    Still tastes d*mn good

  • Cons

    It's 450km from KL to Laksa heaven... sigh...

  • Price Range

    RM 10

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

You've not tasted laksa until you have tried Laksa Teluk Kechai in Kedah. This is one of the best Malay dishes I have ever tasted and if you are from KL, it is worth the four hundred fifty kilometer drive to Zakaria Laksa for several plates of their laksa! Ultimate satisfaction!....

This particular laksa dish is made of rice flour and clear gravy a concoction of sardine fish, bunga kantan, onions and lemon grass to give it a very distinctive laksa fragrance. This dish is nice eaten with hard boiled eggs, chopped cucumber and onions. At Teluk Kechai, there's the additional daun putat and coconut sambal that will definitely send your tastebuds skyrocketing to laksa heaven...

This laksa tasted homemade and the best thing is that this is one of the few places I know that still uses wood fire to cook both the laksa and the clear gravy! Their additional effort to maintain the taste by slow cooking over wood fire shows in the wonderfully delicious taste of the sardine gravy, not overly fish pungent... just nice smooth flavourful taste.

The laksa noodle itself is made in-house .. over 100kg's of rice flour per day, happily pressed into long strands and boiled over five BIG one meter pots! Anyway, this laksa dish is made even more wonderful with the addition of Zakaria's coconut sambal which is surprisingly rich in taste. It adds a bit of cream richness to the laksa which made the crew ordered bowl after bowl. I don't know what they put into this thing....

Another thing worth mentioning is their kick butt delicious Ais Batu Campur (ABC). It has all the nice condiments, barley, ice cream, red rubies and that springy translucent thing. An excellent dessert after several hearty plates of laksa.

The laksa industry in Teluk Kechai began when enterpreneur Don Laksa started selling them in the mid 60'. When he died due to a road accident, the business was taken over by two of his in-laws, Din and Zakaria. Word on the street is that both laksa gravy tasted similar but the noodle is quite different, Din's noodle is apparently smoother.

Well, that's the laksa report from Teluk Kechai. After that meal, all the toll and fuel we paid didn't even matter anymore...With smiling faces, we packed several kilo's of laksa into the boot of the car and wondered how much will be left after the six hour drive back to KL, Any wild guesses?.....


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