Nasi Lemak EK ( Etta’s Kitchen )

by Shaqyl S. on Mon, August 22, 2016

Hankering for nasi lemak bungkus? Nasi lemak bungkus is a complete breakfast, it has just the right portion of rice wrapped in banana leaf, simple yet satisfying. Start your day with a smile and head over to Nasi Lemak EK to grab one of their precious packets for breakfast.

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Nasi Lemak EK ( Etta’s Kitchen )
  • Address

    147, Jln 1/27D Seksyen 6 Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: +601 6235 8105 (call or text. Don't whatsapp) Instagram: @ettaskitchen

  • Open

    7am-11pm only, daily

  • Pros

    Simple yet satisfying nasi lemak.

  • Cons

    You have to call or come early to get your hands on them.

  • Price Range


  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

For fans of nasi lemak bungkus, make your way to Nasi Lemak EK in Wangsa Maju. There, you can sample perfectly cooked coconut rice paired with a sweet and spicy sambal that tastes just like the ones you had as a child at your school canteen. EK stands for Etta’s Kitchen. For years now, Rozeta Sa’ad or more commonly known as Kak Etta and her sons have been supplying packets of nasi lemak to various locations in Wangsa Maju including Restoran Al Kader, a Chinese café in Seri Rampai, a stall at the nearby Hero Market and Honda Sri Utama.

Precious packets of rice stamped with EK's contact details

For the rice, Kak Etta uses pure high-quality santan, making it distinctively rich. It took her 2 years to develop her nasi lemak recipe. She found an old lady from Lawin in Gerik, Kedah who taught her the cooking technique for the rice. The rice has a soft, non-clumpy texture with a lovely aroma as a result from being wrapped in banana leaf.

Sambal that will remind you of your school canteen lunches.

The sambal is thick and chunky, there's peanuts, ikan bilis, slivers of onions and chillies. Onions are caramelised and chillies are cooked well to give the sambal a smooth sweet flavour with just a tinge of heat.

She got interested in selling nasi lemak when she saw her brother in law making a good income by selling nasi lemak in front of his house She then started making nasi lemak in small batches and placed them at her office pantry. The response was overwhelming. She was then offered to cater nasi lemak for a KTMB launch in Bangsar, eventually she decided to do it full-time.

Kak Etta's prep station.

Kak Etta’s nasi lemak can last till 8pm. She learnt the secret from an F1 consultant, who told her not to put cucumbers in the rice to make it last longer. If there's request for loose nasi lemak she will include cucumbers.

Kak Etta’s nasi lemak is so popular that she can sell up to 1,000 packets per day. Make sure that you call to secure your packets of nasi lemak during their usual operating hours, 7am to 11 am. You don’t want to miss out on having the pleasure to sample the classic taste of Nasi Lemak EK. So good, you will probably make it your regular breakfast.