Nasi Lemak Kak Maimon

by Farah D. on Mon, January 26, 2015

Kak Maimon’s shoplot is so nondescript that it doesn’t have a sign. Though the location is hidden in the housing area in Sek 17, packets of her nasi lemak are so well known that streams of loyal customers still manage to find the the sign less café to get their morning fix daily.

Little packets of nasi lemak joy...

Foodster's Verdict

Nasi Lemak Kak Maimon
  • Address

    At the shoplot along Jln SS 17/47, Sek 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (next to Syarikat Letrik Bobby Lim)

  • Open

    7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Mon to Sat ( closed on Sundays and public holidays )

  • Pros

    Cheap and cheerful

  • Cons

    A little hard to find since there's no shop sign

  • Price Range

    RM1.50 per packet

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

A good packet of nasi lemak really gets me going in the morning. When I open a packet of nasi lemak at Kak Maimon’s, I am instantly taken by its simplicity. There’s a generous dollop of sambal, a thick cucumber slice, peanuts, ikan bilis and a halved hard-boiled egg. The sambal here is well rounded, not too sweet and not too spicy, as Goldilocks would say, the sambal is just right. It’s chunky with a deep crimson colour. Dried chillies, onions and garlic are blended and then cooked slowly for two and a half hours, allowing the aromatics to simmer and release their natural sweetness.

I tried to get more info on the cooking process of the sambal, but Kak Maimon refuses to divulge any more. It’s a closely guarded secret, a family recipe she learned from her mother. “Nanti, akak tak boleh carik makanlah (I won’t be able to make a living if I told you),” she quips.

Kak Maimon wants you to try her nasi lemak for yourselves

The rice is wonderfully light, cooked with the usual coconut milk, pandan and ginger (there are of course other secret ingredients added, but true to form, Kak Maimon kept mum when I asked her).

Breakfast- sorted.

At Kak Maimon’s, brown packets of nasi lemak form a small mountain along with packets of fried kway teow, beehoon and fried rice. At RM1.50 each, it will keep both your tummy and pockets happy. Formerly known as Nasi Lemak Saga because she used to set up her stall next to her Proton Saga, now Kak Maimon’s place is simply known as ‘Kedai Takde Nama’ (the nameless shop). She has been selling nasi lemak for 34 years, moving from her humble stall to her current location in 2008.

Yes this shop has no sign!

Her shop is not easy to find, especially if you’re not familiar with the area, but once you come and have a taste of her nasi lemak, you will have no problems making your way here again.

Simplicity in a packet