Siu Siu

This seafood haunt is hidden somewhere between Robson Heights and a couple of graveyards. Yet somehow people still manage to find their way here despite the dark roads and jungle-like surroundings. It is certainly refreshing to dine here amidst the sound of crickets and get away from the din of KL.

by Honey Photography FriedChillies Thu, January 29, 2009

“What? You ran out of lala?” Oh calamity, especially after I’ve raved to my sister that the lala in superior stock is top notch. The place is packed and sometimes I wonder if a crowd begets a crowd, like can you rent-a-crowd when you need people to populate your eatery? I must admit though if a place is empty or ‘sejuk’ as Malays call it, punters are less likely to come in.

However, everyone seems to have their faces deep in the food and dinner starts early here. Barely 8.30pm and they run out of lala. I wonder too if they purposely have a limited amount of lala since scarcity also makes a mob hanker for something even more. As I contemplate the dastardly things a restaurant can do to hoodwink unsuspecting diners, the rest of my ravenous tribe ordered, crabs- 2 kinds, butter prawns, steamed fish and greens. Lala… another day, sigh…

Siu siu makes their food quite delicious. The spicy crabs in a sweet and sour sauce is dripping with gravy. Crabs are fresh and yes! They have mantau here. Fried sinful buns to sop up gravy with. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the salted egg crab here is quite tasty too. It’s crisp and the egg taste is not too overpowering. Personally I like my crabs with gravy since the right kind of sauce can make rapturous tongue music with the savoury-sweet crab flesh. But for a dry crab dish the salted egg isn't bad and I don't even like yolk.
Butter prawns are good, crunchy and super fresh. Ditto the fish. Succulent and easily lifted by hungry chopsticks. I do confess I like my soy-garlic gravy nudging its flavours in my fish. I recommend the asparagus with belacan for a bit of pungency to the dish. Recently this has become my vegetable of choice at Chinese eateries. Not as overused as kailan and heftier than beansprouts. You don't have to plough through the leaves like kangkung to get to the stalks. An asparagus is all crunch.

Our meehoon arrives a little anemic-looking. It reminds me a little of Johorean fried noodles. They are white but once you get past the colour, it has its own unique taste. Here, within the pale strands, pieces of egg and chillies and beansprouts are squirreled away and the bite of pepper is evident. However most of my table agreed that it's not very good. Won't order this again.

There are other good things here to sink your teeth into like the pork dishes, char siew and claypot offerings. So there’s plenty to choose here. Only I guess if you want the popular items come early. That lala is going to haunt me…

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Foodster's Verdict

Siu Siu


15-11 Lorong Syed Putra Kiri, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 016 370 8555

Opens for lunch and dinner

Nice green surroundings

They can run out of dishes and a little on the pricey side

Price Range:
RM60 - RM100




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