• What to CookWestern

    Fish Tacos

    by Honey on Fri, November 11, 2016

    We love this taco recipe because it’s easy to make and tasty, perfect for a quick lunch or light dinner. The tip to this is to use really good sliced cheese like CHESDALE Cheddar, which is rich in calcium. It will bring all the elements…  More »

  • What to CookWestern

    Cucur Cheese

    by Honey on Sun, November 06, 2016

    We were delighted when this little experiment turned out delicious little cucurs that is crisp on the outside with a cheesy molten centre inside. This is an absolute treat for tea or as snack for movie nights at home. All you need…  More »

  • What to CookWestern

    Lamb Ragu

    by Edwan S. on Tue, September 06, 2016

    A hearty ragu with pasta is one of the best comfort foods ever. A ragu is basically… well, a thick sauce ala bolognaise. But use your imagination and creativity to make different kinds and surprise yourself with how delicious…  More »

  • What to CookWestern

    Lamb Tacos

    by Edwan S. on Thu, August 25, 2016

    Everyone loves tacos! Here’s our take on a Greek-infused tacos using leftover lamb paired with a refreshing and crunchy tzatziki: that’s cucumber, mint and yogurt salad to you. It’s a flavour packed combo that’s…  More »

  • What to CookWestern

    Nashville Hot Chicken

    by Edwan S. on Tue, January 12, 2016

    This, y’all, is a version of Southern fried chicken… with the spice factor upped by a factor of 10! Nashville Hot Chicken is a classic American south comfort food. Juicy chicken meat is matched to a crunchy, craggly crust…  More »

  • What to CookWestern

    Seafood Bisque

    by Foodster X on Wed, June 10, 2015

    A ‘bisque’ is almost always a thick, luscious soup made from shellfish stock. Despite the fancy name, it’s pretty easy to make. You don’t even need exotic seafood to do it. Regular prawns, some ikan kerisi and…  More »

  • What to CookWestern

    Steak with Warm Mushroom &  Cherry Tomato Salad

    by Edwan S. on Tue, June 09, 2015

    A good steak doesn’t need much: salt, pepper, maybe a bit of mustard. That’s already delicious enough. But there’s no harm in serving a lovely steak with some sides. In this case, this warm mushroom and cherry tomato…  More »

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