Ayam Percik

by Alexa P. on Thu, December 16, 2010

Ayam percik is a popular dish usually sold at the pasar malam. Chicken is juicy and succulent and packed with yummy flavours. It is a surefire crowd pleaser that’s not too difficult to prepare…

Tastes best grilled over charcoal

Serves 6 people

This tastes great eventhough it

If you want a proper smoky char cook this on the grill

Foodster's Verdict

Ayam Percik


  • Preparation
  • Total
    2hour 45minutes
    To blend:
    5 dried chillies, soaked
    2 stalks lemongrass
    3cm galangal
    2 garlic cloves
    8 shallots
    1cm fresh turmeric
    1cm belacan
    2 candlenuts

    1kg chicken, quartered
    2 cups coconut cream
    1 tsp tamarind juice
    1 tsp sugar
    1 tsp salt

Marinate chicken with the blended ingredients for 1hour. Preheat oven to 180C on the grill setting.

Heat wok over medium flame without oil. Put chicken in for 3mins to tighten up the skin.

Turn off the heat, take out the chicken and place on a grill or an oven pan.

Pour the coconut cream, tamarind juice, sugar and salt in the wok to mix with the marinade left in the wok.

Coat the chicken with some of this mixture and put it in the oven.

Cook for 40mins. Keep cooking down the remainder of the sauce in the wok as the chicken cooks in the oven.

Pour the remaining sauce over the chicken once it’s done.



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