Baked Potato with Tuna

by Honey on Fri, April 12, 2013

Here’s the secret to a killer baked potato. When it’s hot out of the oven and the tatter flesh is smoking slather in garlic butter. Trust us it will bring your humble spud to the next level…

Hot potato!

Serves 4 - 6 people

Add more cheese on top and pop back in the oven to get a crusty, cheesy top.

Foodster's Verdict

Baked Potato with Tuna


  • Preparation
  • Total
    1hour 10minutes
    6 medium sized potatoes
    2 cans tuna
    1/2 cup sweet corn
    1-2 Tbs mayonaise
    1 Tbs mustard
    Garlic butter
    2 cups shredded cheese
    Salt and pepper to taste
    A little oil

1. Wash your baked potato properly and prick holes around it with a fork (this prevents it from exploding).

2. Rub a little oil and salt over your potatoes and bake in 190C oven for about an hour. Prick your potato, when the fork goes in easily it's done.

3. While potato is baking, make the tuna filling by mixing tuna, sweet corn, mayonaise, mustard and seasonings.

4. Cut a cross in your baked potato, season with salt and pepper and put in a knob of garlic butter. Add in cheese and tuna topping.