Black Pepper Roasted Chicken with Roasted Veg

by Edwan S. on Wed, April 01, 2015

Roast chicken? Good. Black pepper? Good! This is a kick-ass roasted chicken recipe that packs a huuuge flavour punch. The key here is to get the skin crispy and the meat juicy and fully cooked at the same time. The honey roasted veggies are a delicious accompaniment to the succulent chicken. Make this today; it’s actually a super simple recipe!

Chicken with a peppery punch!

Serves 4 - 5 people

By separating the skin from the meat, it ensures better rendering of the fat.

This helps crisp up the skin so you get juicy meat, and crackly, crunchy skin.

Foodster's Verdict

Black Pepper Roasted Chicken with Roasted Veg


  • Preparation
  • Total
    1 whole chicken, butterflied

    1/2 cup, or more, crushed black pepper


    1 Tbsp sweet sauce

    1 onion, cut into wedges

    4 carrots, cut into long quarters

    3 potatoes, cut into large chunks

    Some oil

    Some honey, to taste

*Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celsius.

1. First, toss the potatoes, carrots and onions with oil, honey, salt and pepper to taste. Place and spread out all the vegetables on a roasting tray. Set aside.

2. For the chicken, separate the skin from the meat. Do this by inserting your fingers or the back of a spoon between the skin and the meat, and just sort of pull it to loosen.

3. Rub the chicken with oil and sweet sauce, then season liberally with salt and as much crushed peppercorns as you can bear.

4. Place the chicken skin side up on the vegetables. Roast in the oven for 45 minutes until the chicken is a lovely burnished golden brown and the juices run clear.

5. Serve, with the vegetables.



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