Bombe Alaska

by Honey Ahmad on Thu, December 16, 2010

Nigel from Just Heavenly shares with us a lovely bombe alaska- a real crowd-pleaser…

Nigel’s superb crowd pleaser.

Serves 4 - 5 people

An excellent dessert that is a cinch to make but impressive to look at

You need to freeze and sponge cake and the ice cream first

Foodster's Verdict

Bombe Alaska


  • Preparation
  • Total
    6 egg whites
    250g sugar
    ½ tsp cream of tartar
    1tsp vanilla
    Pinch of salt
    Simple sponge cake
    1 tub vanilla ice cream

1. Put the cake in a baking pan. Top the sponge cake with ice cream. Leave 1 inch on the sides and pile it up in the middle like a mountain. Pop in the freezer up to 2hours to freeze completely.

2. Before you take it out of the freezer make the meringue. Whisk egg whites and vanilla.

3. Add the cream of tartar and salt once it starts frothing. Add the sugar 2tbs at a time and keep whisking until the whites form stiff peaks.

4. Heat oven to 250C. Take out the cake and dollop the meringue on top and spread it around to cover the ice cream and cake completely (If making the alcoholic version pop an egg shell on the top of the peak and press it in so it forms a little cup on the top, if not, then carry on with the next step).

5. Bake for 3-5 mins and take it out as soon as it browns.

6. You can enjoy it like this as a Baked Alaska or if you’d like to make the flambéd version pour Brandy in the little egg shell cup and set it on fire and swirl the meringue around so that it all catches on fire.

7. Blow out the fire and enjoy topped with compote.