Butter Chicken Chop Pasta

by Lisa K. on Thu, October 11, 2018

We love weird and wonderful food mash ups. It is perfect for those who can’t seem to make up their blardy minds. This recipe is a combo of 3: Chinese Butter Chicken + Chicken Chop + Spaghetti. Yeah, take a minute to let that to sink in. Blown away yet? Good. Now lets cook it!

A combo of 3 please!

Serves 2 people

Potato flour will not give the signature fried chicken golden brown colour. It will leave slightly pale patches on your cooked chicken. That is totally fine.

Potato flour gives the chicken an epic crunchy coating.

Foodster's Verdict

Butter Chicken Chop Pasta


  • Preparation
  • Total
    2 chicken legs, deboned
    1 egg
    ½ cup potato flour
    Salt & pepper

    70g margarine or butter
    2 cloves garlic, chopped
    3 chilli padi, chopped
    3 sprigs curry leaves
    ½ cup evaporated milk
    1 cup water
    1 tsp. sugar
    ½ tsp. salt

    350g cooked spaghetti

1. Preheat oil to 180˚c. Or stick in a wooden spoon into the hot oil. If it starts sizzling straight way, oil is ready.

2. Season chicken with salt and pepper and crack in an egg. Mix well.

Egg helps dredging flour to stick to the chicken

3. Season potato flour with salt and pepper. Dredge chicken in flour until every surface is coated.

Make sure every nook and cranny is covered with flour

4. Shake off excess flour and fry in hot oil until golden brown. Drain fried chicken chop on paper towels and set aside.

That flour coating gives the chicken a crunchy coating

5. To make the sauce, melt margarine and fry chopped garlic and chillies until fragrant. Throw in curry leaves and fry for a few seconds.

This will take less than a minute

6. Pour in evaporated milk and water, stir well to bind the sauce together. Season with salt and sugar.

Make sure the sauce is well seasoned before adding in pasta

7. Add in cooked spaghetti into the sauce and mix well. Simmer for a little bit to thicken the sauce.

You could use Linguine, Fettuccine, or Angel Hair pasta

8. Serve chicken chop with spaghetti and pour extra butter sauce all over the chicken.