Churros & Kaya Sauce

by Lisa K. on Tue, September 04, 2018

These deep fried treats are quick and easy to make and they are so addictive. It is usually served with chocolate sauce, but we just made up a Kaya sauce just because we wanted something different. I bet you whoever is around will start eating the hot Churros even before you finish frying up the entire batch. I had to smack some hands away.

Can’t resist a deep fried treat

Serves 6 - 8 people

Let the hot dough cool down before adding in eggs so you won’t end up with scrambled eggs

You can use a hand mixer to mix in the egg. Much faster and much easier.

Foodster's Verdict

Churros & Kaya Sauce


  • Preparation
  • Total
    ½ cup water
    2 tsp. sugar
    ¼ cup butter
    Pinch of salt
    1 cup flour
    2 eggs

    Kaya Sauce
    ¼ cup kaya
    ¼ cup fresh milk / evaporated milk

    Cinnamon Sugar
    ½ cup caster sugar (fine sugar)
    1 tsp. cinnamon powder

1. Put water, sugar, butter and salt in a pot and bring to a gentle simmer.

2. Remove from heat, pour in all the flour and stir until the dough becomes a ball.

Make sure there are no flour lumps left and you're gonna use a little bit of energy stirring this up

3. Cool down hot dough ball for 10 minutes.

This is what it's gonna look like. You can break the dough ball up to let it cool down faster

4. Once slightly cooled down, add in 1 egg and mix in until well combined. Then only add in second egg and mix again until it becomes smooth and thick batter.

It will look slightly wet and snotty at first, but keep mixing and eventually it will bind together nicely

5. Use a star nozzle and fill piping bag with batter. If you don't have a piping bag, you can use a drink ta-apu bag. The ones mamak shops use to pack your take away drink.

It is OK if you don't have a star nozzle. Just pipe it straight into the hot oil. It will look like cakoi (you tiao) instead

6. Heat up oil till 180˚c and squeeze in strips of churros into the hot oil. I did mine about 4 - 5 inches long. Use a spoon or knife to 'cut' the batter strip.

It is easier to handle short Churros in a small pot

7. Fry on both sides for a few minutes until golden brown in colour.

Don't fry too much at one go. Churros will expand in the pot as they cook

8. Drain on paper towels and serve plain with kaya sauce or coat them in cinnamon sugar.

You can get all these done in half an hour!

9. To make the cinnamon sugar, just mix up sugar and cinnamon. Toss in churros while it is still hot so the sugars will stick to it.

10. To make the kaya sauce, combine kaya and milk in a pot and heat it up. Easy at that!

I preferred fresh milk over evaporated milk. Fresh milk gives it a lighter texture whilst evaporated milk made it very rich and heavy