Luscious Mango Hair Moisturiser

by Honey Ahmad on Fri, December 17, 2010

At first the thought of having blended banana in my hair wasn’t very pleasing. Plus, the smell of the vitamin E oil while I was mixing the ingredients was not very pleasant. But once it was mixed thoroughly, it smells lovely.

The shine can last up to one week

Serves 1 people

Makes your hair smell lovely

Foodster's Verdict

Luscious Mango Hair Moisturiser


  • Preparation
    10 minutes
  • Total
    1 large ripe banana
    1 small ripe mango (peeled and seed removed)
    Oil from 1 vitamin E capsule
    1 tsp cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil
    Plastic wrap or shower cap

Peel and cut banana into large chunks and put them in a food processor.

Cut mango into big chunks and add into food processor.

Puncture and squeeze a vitamin E capsule, add to the mango and banana. Add the olive oil to the mix.

Blend the mixture on medium speed until it is smooth and all the ingridients are well combined.

Shampoo your hair and slather the moisturizer into your hair. To work the moisturizer evenly and thoroughly through your hair, use a large tooth comb. Focus on split ends and dry ends.

Wrap your hair with plastic wrap or use a shower cap to cover your hair and let the moisturizer remain on your hair for 15 to 20 minutes.

Rinse your hair with warm water till all the moisturizer is off your hair and shampoo it again.

* Please use the whole portion every time you moisturise your hair using this method