Ramen Burger

by Edwan S. on Fri, October 25, 2013

Ramen Burgers are the craze right now in the States. It’s not too far-fetched, afterall we have rice burgers. It’s just taking another carb and making it into something that can hold a patty. What we didn’t anticipate was how ridiculously delicious it was. Here’s a simple but awesome recipe to make your own ramen burger using the instant noodles in your kitchen.

Half Instant Noodles, Half Burger, 100% Awesome!

Serves 1 people

We think that this is a perfect 'bujang' meal!

Try out different noodle flavours. You can go Tom Yam burger, Asam Laksa burger or a kick ass Kimchi Burger if you use Korean instant noodles.

Foodster's Verdict

Ramen Burger


  • Preparation
  • Total
    1 packet Maggi/instant noodles/ramen, any flavour
    125g mince beef/chicken, formed into burger patties
    1 egg
    1 small onion, sliced
    Some lettuce leaves
    Some slices of tomato
    A bit of ketchup
    Pinch of sugar
    Salt and pepper to taste

1. Boil noodles in plain water according to instructions, toss and drain. Let it cool a bit. Reserve the seasoning mix.

2. Break the egg and take just the white; mix it into the boiled noodles. In a hot pan, form 2 'cakes' or 'buns' and fry until shape is set and firm. You can use a cookie cutter or ring mold to make even sized 'buns', but feel free to free-hand. Once cooked, set aside.

3. Now season burger patties with the noodle seasoning (genius!), a bit of salt and pepper and pan fry until well browned and cooked, about 6 minutes total. Set aside to rest. We used the curry flavouring for this one and it goes magnificently with the meaty patty.

4. In the same pan, fry onions with a pinch of sugar until caramelized and soft.

5. To assemble, place some lettuce onto the bottom 'bun'. Place a dollop of caramelized onions, then the sliced tomatoes on top. Place the burger, then top with some ketchup and finally the top 'bun'.

6. Serve!



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