by Honey on Thu, June 09, 2011

We gave this delicious Indonesian salad a modern twist by adding roasted pumpkin to it. This makes it a more filling dish and great for vegetarians too!

Healthy and scrumptious

Serves 3-4 people

Can't really get enough of this salad, the pumpkin really adds ummph to it

Foodster's Verdict



  • Preparation
    20 minutes
  • Total
    200g four angle beans (sliced)
    200g beansprouts
    100g grated coconut
    200g green beans
    Half a pumpkin
    Olive oil

    Paste Ingredients:

    4 shallots (sliced)
    6 red chilies
    4 bird's eye chilies (optional)
    ¼ inch fresh turmeric
    ¼ tsp salt
    1 tsp sugar
    1 ½ Tbs dried shrimps
    1 ¼ tsp coriander seeds

1. Cut pumpkin into chunks, drizzle some olive oil on them and roast in 180C oven until a little soft.

2. Pound all paste ingredients and fry until fragrant. Dry fry coconut until brown and toasted and add to fragrant paste. This is your dressing.

3. Blanch beansprouts and green beans.

4. Toss four angle beans, pumpkin, beansprouts and green beans with the fragrant coconut when ready to serve.