• Where To EatChinese

    Onn Kee Taugeh Chicken

    by The Foodster on Tue, November 02, 2004

    Who wants some Ngah Choi Kai(Bean sprouts chicken)? BSC stirs much 'eating passion' and 'stomach growls' whenever I'm anywhere close to Ipoh. If your stomach is lucky enough to follow you there, try the more famous shop at Old Wong's…  More »

  • Where To EatIndian

    Jai Hind

    by The Foodster on Mon, October 18, 2004

    Jai Hind looks run down and the service here is absolutely crap but if you are willing to forget that bit, it can offer you one of the best places for Palak Paneer, Tandoori, Sweet Lassi, Prata and North Indian sweets. The North Indian…  More »

  • Where To EatSeafood

    Kim Seng Seafood Restaurant

    by The Foodster on Sat, October 02, 2004

    Sometimes, the aroma of seafood is so strong that we let our stomachs do the driving. This time, it landed us in Tanjung Tualang, Perak. This town is well known for its fresh water prawns and its seafood offerings. How far is it from…  More »

  • Where To EatChinese

    New Paris Restaurant

    by The Foodster on Mon, August 02, 2004

    This renowned restaurant had very humble beginnings. From a simple zinc roofed hut in the vicinity of motorbike workshops, it has now expanded to 3 double storey shop lots! Such is the popularity and fame of New Paris. So us Foodsters…  More »

  • Where To EatChinese

    Ming Room

    by The Foodster on Fri, July 02, 2004

    Places that challenge your perception of reality are rare and hard to come by. Ming Room feels like you've been to someplace unfamiliar but pleasant, like a mini overseas trip. The decor shouts out modern cool, stylish without sacrificing…  More »

  • Where To EatIndochinese

    Amarin Thai

    by The Foodster on Sat, June 26, 2004

    Amarin means Heavenly in Thai. In this 'Heaven', the interior flooring of this restaurant is parquet and its windows overlooks the Federal highway. However, you can see also see the sky. Amarin is situated at Megamall Mid Valley but…  More »

  • Where To EatWestern

    Hot Chocolate Cafe

    by The Foodster on Sat, June 12, 2004

    The proprietor's love for Italian cooking strangely enough comes from Australia (from what I've been told). Apparently this is not odd. It's similar to another pasta house recently moved to Sri Hartamas. Anyway, people were recommending…  More »

  • Where To EatChinese

    Yu Ai

    by The Foodster on Sat, March 13, 2004

    Yu Ai if you were to translate literally means 'got love'. I saw a lots of couples there so there must be some truth in the name. This place has been known to be packed to the brim during lunch. We came here on a Sunday afternoon at…  More »

  • Where To EatItalian

    Pizza Uno

    by The Foodster on Fri, February 27, 2004

    Mamma mia! Pizza! Spaghetti! Ravioli! If you are into Italian and don't have the bucks for it, perhaps Pizza Uno/Bella Italia in Centrepoint, Bandar Utama can help you. If you're planning to have dinner, come early as this place gets…  More »

  • Where To EatChinese

    Yap Yin Restaurant & Bak Kut Teh

    by The Foodster on Wed, February 18, 2004

    Serdang is a small town but it has quite a few good Chinese restaurants. The food is generally inexpensive and delicious as well. Yap Yin according to my friend (who happens to be a distant relative of the owners) sells really good…  More »

  • Where To EatIndian

    Bombay Palace

    by The Foodster on Mon, February 02, 2004

    Just off Jalan Tun Razak lies a small colonial mansion serving one of the best biriyanis in town. The dish is served Bombay style where the meat is cooked together with a secret concoction of Indian spices, chillies and different varieties…  More »

  • Where To EatItalian

    La Risata

    by The Foodster on Tue, December 16, 2003

    I'm taking you and a couple of friends of mine to venture forth into the realms of Jalan Ampang for another taste of Italian cuisine. The spot this time is La Risata- a suburban Italian cafe and restaurant in the heart of Jalan Ampang…  More »