• Where To EatIndochinese

    Chun Buri Restaurant

    by Keeta B. on Fri, March 20, 2009

    Move over Vicchuda, the glory days of the humble Kelantanese-Thai restaurant are back! These small unobtrusive 'tom-yam' shops seemed to prosper long before the age of the 'MAMAK', with humble premises but quality food. Alas! Today's…  More »

  • Where To EatIndochinese

    Sao Nam

    by The Foodster on Sun, September 07, 2008

    It was one of those rainy Sunday nights where most of the usual hawkers were closed. Hankering for something different, we arrived at Sao Nam with images of sour, sweet dishes in our heads. Nothing like rain to awaken hunger in the…  More »

  • Where To EatIndochinese

    Restoran Ayuthai

    by The Foodster on Sat, March 22, 2008

    As Malaysians, we all enjoy the usual Thai fare. But after awhile you realise that most Thai dishes loose its zing(!) when it arrives in Malaysia. However, ever so often you will find a place that still has its Thai roots in place…  More »

  • Where To EatIndochinese

    Hawina Tomyam

    by The Foodster on Sat, February 23, 2008

    Good food can be found in the most unlikely places. Especially in places that have been around for ages but you are not too sure how the food is like there. Well, Hawina is tucked in one of those improbable places. Its appearance might…  More »

  • Where To EatIndochinese

    Phở H

    by The Foodster on Fri, February 01, 2008

    Nestled behind all the glorified franchises of many, lies this quaint looking noodle shop. The first few minutes upon finding it will be spent making funny faces in trying to figure out how to pronounce the names of the dishes. It…  More »

  • Where To EatIndochinese

    My Elephant

    by The Foodster on Tue, December 18, 2007

    After scouting and sampling a string of dismal imitations, I was resigned to relegating Petaling Jaya to the Siamese food drought section. Until a fellow foodie finally pointed me in the right direction - Section 17 it is! My Elephant…  More »

  • Where To EatIndochinese

    CoChine Lounge & Restaurant

    by The Foodster on Fri, March 11, 2005

    This was the forerunner of the hip and artistic Asian Heritage Row. Frankly it's about time that someone did something about our abundance of old shop houses. So it was no surprise that as soon as Bar Savanh (the bar below Cochine)…  More »

  • Where To EatIndochinese

    Amarin Thai

    by The Foodster on Sat, June 26, 2004

    Amarin means Heavenly in Thai. In this 'Heaven', the interior flooring of this restaurant is parquet and its windows overlooks the Federal highway. However, you can see also see the sky. Amarin is situated at Megamall Mid Valley but…  More »

  • Where To EatIndochinese

    De Chiengmai Thai Seafood

    by The Foodster on Thu, June 20, 2002

    The first thing that I noticed is that the restaurant is surrounded by roadside stalls but De Chiengmai itself is anything but a stall. It's rather a beautiful restaurant in the middle of nowhere. De Chiengmai is a family owned business…  More »

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