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    Minang Saiyo

    by Edwan S. on Wed, January 27, 2010

    Minang Saiyo restaurant in Taman Melawati is somewhat a hidden treasure, as not many people seem to know of it discounting nearby residents, and it's easy to see why. Make no mistake: this place is old. It's been around for about thirty…  More »

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    Puti Bungsu Batam

    by Alexa P. on Fri, October 16, 2009

    This year I wasn’t able to make it to any of my friend’s homes for Raya, which meant that I missed out on a lot of wonderfully spicy fragrant rendang. This is a dish that never fails to get me weak at the knees…tender fall apart…  More »

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    by Alexa P. on Fri, September 11, 2009

    One sunny weekday afternoon I found myself in creAsian's neighbourhood and decided to try out the food. I asked Jason for recommendations and he told me to go with the Tom Yam fried rice, black beef, devil’s curry, mee goreng, and…  More »

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    Nasi Padang Kg. Baru

    by Captain Cracker on Sat, May 02, 2009

    In rare times you discover gems and when you do, treasure it. I found this lovely place while wandering around Kampung Baru looking for my ex-nasi padang makcik who disappeared and probably went back to Sumatra. One of my criteria…  More »

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    Sari Ratu

    by Haze J. on Tue, March 10, 2009

    This week we took a peek at one of the more frequently visited Nasi Padang restaurants. With a few branches to its name and fame, Restoran Sari Ratu definitely has quite a following. Traditionally, waiters at Nasi Padang restaurants…  More »

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    Ayam Goreng Fatmawati

    by The Foodster on Sat, February 14, 2009

    "Now take that kicap manis and squeeze some on the belinjo," mmm... we are waiting for our food at Fatmawati and stuffing our faces with the keropok belinjo. There's something addictive about these crackers, crunchy with a bitter edge…  More »

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    Warung Garuda

    by The Foodster on Tue, December 13, 2005

    This humble looking restaurant has many selections of nasi padang 'lauks'. Situated near the Kampung Baru Mosque, this is s good place for a quick Padang fix. From the ulams to the meaty curries and delicious dendeng, this place will…  More »