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    Nasi Lemak Famous

    by Farah D. on Mon, August 18, 2014

    So, what makes Famous, famous? Their fried chicken, of course. In the 90’s, Nasi Lemak Famous was a small stall in Bangsar, a supper spot popular with the post-clubbing crowd trickling in from the nearby watering holes in Telawi.…  More »

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    Anjung JR @ Temerloh

    by Aden on Wed, April 30, 2014

    The sleepy (well, relatively) town of Temerloh is famous for masak lemak and gulai tempoyak featuring local freshwater fish. People travel from all over Malaysia to this town in Pahang to have a taste and even ‘tapau’ the dish.…  More »

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    Nasi Lemak Ujang Corner

    by Edwan S. on Mon, November 04, 2013

    Imagine going through 100 kilograms of rice each day. ONE HUNDRED KILOGRAMS. That’s a whole lotta rice! Yet, that’s exactly the amount of rice Nasi Lemak Ujang corner goes through in a day. Read that right? A DAY. That means 700kg…  More »

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    Warung Nasi Lemak Rindu

    by Adly on Mon, November 04, 2013

    Warung Rindu has been around for more than 18 years. This place used to be just opposite the commuter station which then gravitated into the empty lot beside Jalan Kubur several years later. At this seemingly unknown place except for…  More »

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    Nasi Lemak Tanglin

    by Adly on Sat, October 26, 2013

    Nasi Lemak Tanglin has been around for ages. If you're craving for a nasi lemak, queue up for theirs somewhere along Jalan Cenderasari (opposite the Poliklinik, Off Jalan Tanglin) with everyone else. They are now in the Tanglin Food…  More »

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    Nasi Lemak Ceria

    by Acacia Daud on Sat, October 05, 2013

    It’s early weekday morning and the place is packed with people. This isn’t really surprising given the fact that for the last ten years, this restaurant has been steadily making a name in the business of booming breakfasts. While…  More »

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    Bawang Merah

    by The Charlie on Fri, September 27, 2013

    Bawang Merah was opened about 13 years ago by Aini Baba. It's in a cozy yet busy part of Subang Jaya, just down the road from the SDMC hospital (formerly SJMC), so parking can be a little frustrating. But once you walk into the establishment…  More »

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    Restoran Azira

    by Acacia Daud on Mon, September 02, 2013

    30 years of experience has made Restoran Azira a food powerhouse. What started out as small cafe has grown into a favourite local hangout taking up two lots, with plenty of loyal customers. Present owner Kak Norzihan heads the family…  More »

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    Sup Ayam@ Kasmie Tomyam

    by Edwan S. on Fri, July 05, 2013

    "Sup ayam satu, nasi putih," I ordered soaked from running from my car. I wanted something that would warm me all the way to the bones. A short while later, a plate of white rice and a stainless-steel bowl, steaming with the hot liquid…  More »

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    Nasi Lemak Kak Hani ( Uptown Damansara Bus Stop )

    by Farah on Tue, January 08, 2013

    With Nasi Lemak Kak Hani in Damansara Uptown, the pulling factor is her ayam masak merah. A family recipe that has been passed down from her mother-in-law, their ayam masak merah differs from other places because it has an aromatic…  More »

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    Laksa Jitra Mai

    by Adly on Fri, December 14, 2012

    In KL, a good laksa utara is hard to find. Although this laksa is freely available in pasar malam's, most of them fails in two main parts. One, the laksa broth is too runny and does not have enough fish taste. Two, the laksa comes…  More »

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    Nasi Lemak Kak Sanah

    by Danielle on Sat, November 03, 2012

    Nasi Lemak is a much-loved breakfast meal for Malaysians and because of their popularity, you can usually find a stall set up in most neighbourhoods in KL. My favourite stall is luckily located near my house. This particular nasi lemak…  More »

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