• Where To EatVegetarian

    Tian Yian Cafe

    by Farah on Mon, May 21, 2012

    Vegetarians get the short end of the stick when it comes to dining out in Malaysia. Things get even more complicated when they're dining with a non-vegetarian friend. With a limited choice of places, vegetarians are usually confined…  More »

  • Where To EatVegetarian

    Saravana Bhavan

    by Alexa P. on Wed, August 31, 2011

    If you're looking for hearty Indian vegetarian food that even meat lovers will enjoy then look no further as this spot has a multitude of delicious dishes to pick from. The menu boasts over 300 authentic dishes along with some of their…  More »

  • Where To EatVegetarian

    Chef Low Organic Kitchen

    by Li Ann on Thu, November 25, 2010

    Let it be known that I love vegetables but I AM NOT a vegetarian. Not a fan of mock meats or gluten, nor do I enjoy nibbling on rabbit food or cardboard flavoured with copious amounts of artificial seasoning. As for vegetarian restaurants,…  More »

  • Where To EatVegetarian


    by Alexa P. on Sat, February 13, 2010

    The food they serve at Gandhi's is the usual Indian and Chinese fare just without the meat. During the afternoon the food is laid out nasi campur style with many delectable choices. In the evenings however you can order dishes to enjoy.…  More »

  • Where To EatVegetarian

    Kechara Oasis

    by Alexa P. on Sat, November 14, 2009

    I’ve always toyed with the idea of becoming a vegetarian for health reasons but then almost as immediately as the idea comes into my mind my thoughts always sway to juicy burgers, hearty beef stew, char grilled fish, and succulent…  More »

  • Where To EatVegetarian

    Blue Boy

    by The Foodster on Sun, September 07, 2008

    Blue Boy, a name that normally strikes intrigue due to the fact it is often mistaken for a rather unsavory establishment with a similar name. But this Blue Boy is wholesome, a place you can bring your momma to and a real hot spot during…  More »