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2 Go Coffee

by Edwan S. on Tue, March 22, 2016

Fancy some coffee 2 Go? Well this bright yellow truck serves it up hot and cold beverages for those much needed pick me ups. We think their hot stuff is pretty good but it's their cold brewed coffees that pack the real punch

Punchy coffee 2 Go!

Foodster's Verdict

2 Go Coffee
  • Address

    They can be found at nights in front of Shell TTDI
    Tel: Nor Fazly 011-326 55474

  • Open

    Lunch hour and 7pm onwards

  • Pros

    You can play chess with the owner while enjoying your coffee

  • Cons

    They don't serve food

  • Price Range

    RM8 - RM12

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

The rise of the food truck scene in KL has also given birth to drinks trucks too. To us, that's a great development because hey, if you have food you're sure going to need some drinks to go along with them. And because KL is full of coffee lovers (and also: hipsters) it's only natural that coffee trucks come along for the ride. 2 GO Coffee KL with their bright yellow truck is one of the most recognizable.

2GO Coffee KL started when Fazly and his band of friends (all with IT backgrounds) decided that their love of coffee deserves a platform. So they bought the machine and sourced their beans and voila! A coffee truck was born. "We named it 2 GO Coffee because, well, it's coffee and you have it on the go. And because we're on a truck, the coffee comes to you - not the other way around," said the smiling Fazly.

Meet Fazly who would love you to try his coffee

The menu contains the usual suspects of course. They use a blend for their espresso, although single origin coffees are available as well. This espresso then forms the base of their many drinks. It's potent stuff, with a nice acidity and bite to it. Pleasingly, there's no scorched taste that you so often find in commercial cafes.

This is the truck folks!

Their Americano is robustly flavoured with just the right amount of dilution. It's sour notes and accentuated by a deep and rich coffee flavour. 2 GO Coffee's best-seller however is the Ice Hazelnut Latte. Espresso and milk is flavoured with lovely hazelnut syrup (not actual hazelnuts like this one customer thought!). It's creamy and sweet, but not cloyingly so. A perfect pick-me-up for a lazy afternoon.

The little 2 Go Coffee family. Hot Brewed Coffee. Ice Hazelnut Latte. Bittersweet Coffee.

Our favourite though is their Bittersweet Coffee. It comes in a lovely glass flask and is 2 GO's take on Irish Coffee. "Irish Coffee is usually spiked with liquor, usually rum," said Fazly. "Well obviously we're halal, so our baristas spent some time developing a perfect blend of cold brewed coffee and milk to replicate that taste." It's a gently flavoured coffee with a subtle sweetness... but boy does it pack a punch. We swear our eyes popped open as if propped up by toothpicks.

Yeah we totally dig their bottles!

2GO Coffee is currently parked at TTDI for evening service, while you can also find them at G-Tower KL during the day. If you love coffee then go for them - it's locally owned and their coffees are darn delicious. Win-win!



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