Analog Cafe Serves Delicious Food and Gourmet Coffee in Subang Jaya

by Adly on Sun, April 29, 2018

Analog cafe stands out by not standing out. It's been my favourite haunt for a long time and now finally I can tell everyone! Afiq didn't want to tell everyone about their great coffee and that everything they serve is from scratch because he wanted to keep low-key. Now the secret is out! Read on...

Meals made from scratch from the burger buns, pastas..everything!

Foodster's Verdict

Analog Cafe Serves Delicious Food and Gourmet Coffee in Subang Jaya
  • Romantic
  • Kids
  • Air Conditioned
  • Credit Card
  • Address

    AnalogKL Cafe 127, Jalan SS 17/1a Subang Jaya Selangor
    Tel: 03-5612 1224

  • Open

    Opening Times : 11am - 8pm (Closed Fridays)

  • Pros

    Delicious homemade comfort food & fabulous coffee

  • Cons

    Small menu selections. Is that a bad thing?

  • Price Range

    RM 10 - RM40

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

Analog cafe stands out by not standing out. Confused? The cafe owner Afiq didn't want to market Analog as serving one of the best coffees in the area and he also didn't want to say that all the meals served in Analog is made from scratch. Even the pasta... and yes... the burger buns. So for 2 years, we couldn't publish this review, out of respect for the man who wanted to perfect his craft first.

Afiq in Analog and How His Shop Looks Like
The cafe is a no-concept concept cafe. You hafta come here to understand this. It's a place where communities come, hangout, play cards, meet friends, have great coffee and eat delicious simple meals.

Analog's Juicy Luicy Burger. All Homemade.. Even the buns!
Our favourite here is the Juicy Luicy Burger. Brioche buns (yes... made in-house) sandwiching an oh-so-juicy double beef patty, topped with melted cheese, topped with caramelised onions and a bit of wild rocket. Delicious flavours here!

Analog's Chicken Pasta with Local Ingredients
Their chicken pesto pasta is also recommended. Afiq believes in going local, even if it's something like a pesto so he mixes in bayam (local spinach) with the basil pesto ingredients to give it a more mellow localised taste. This is really good. You'll want to say the pasta is al-dente, but you'll know this is different because most likely all this while you've been eating dried pasta... and you are not used to eating fresh ones made just a couple of hours ago.

Sloppy Joe!
Go sloppy with what else? Sloppy Joe guys! Essentially a sandwhich made with ground beef and tomato sauce which AnalogKL elevates by using homemade sourbough buns made fresh, sandwiching their ground beef tomato sauce and cheese leleh. Comes with potato crisps. When we asked which brand this was, I received this "Wei, kita buat sendiri bro" reply.

Go for the Cold Brew guys.
Analog folks are coffee geeks. Afiq and gang are well respected coffee members in the industry which means their coffee is really good. Our favourite is their standard latte or if you prefer cold, and they have it in stock... their cold brew. Black or White, take your pick... which comes in a glass with a single huge ice ball.

The Analog Boyzz!
So why is it called Analog? Afiq loves analog sounds... which kinda fits his cafe mood, nice and mellow with LPs playing in the background. What's an LP? Go google it or ask Afiq's barista boyz. Peace!

Analog is a Finalist for FriedChillies BEST MAKAN AWARDS 2018 in the category of Best Casual Dining. Vote for them HERE. Voting will run from the 16th April to 6th May 2018. Undilah for your favourite makan spots and online food media in our PilihanMakan Umum. #makanbestawards #practiceround #pilihanmakanumum