Asia Cafe

by The Foodster on Mon, June 23, 2008

You never know when a midnight desire for crabs might hit your crave buttons. Asia cafe serves a whole load of seafood and sinfully soft fried man taos to sop up all the gravy with.

There is nothing so fine as a crusty, wicked soft bun soaked in gravy

Foodster's Verdict

Asia Cafe
  • Address

    SS15/8, 47500 Subang Jaya

  • Open

    Opening Hours: 5pm

  • Pros

    Can custom your seafood with gravy. Affordable.

  • Cons

    Just close one eye to the surroundings and when it rains don't bother

  • Price Range

    RM 100

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Pork Free

Subang's SS15 Asia Cafe is a diamond in the rough for stalls. One of the reasons people keep coming back is not only because it is a hot spot for those who crave a midnight snack or drink; it also has food that will have you craving for more.

The highlight of this place is actually a Crabulous (yes, that’s a Chillism) stall situated just in the middle span, right at the corner hailing passers-by with a gi-normous poster of a crab with a deep-fried man-tao roll (sweet soft pao like dough) beside it. There’s a tank full of live mud crabs under the poster indicating that fresh seafood is just an order away.

Boasting competitive pricing for crabs in the Klang Valley, the Crabulous stall also provides choices on how you like your trusty crustaceans to be prepared. Ordering crabs can be counted by per-crab or per-kilo, which will then be cooked to perfection (not over cooked but just nice to savour the sweet fresh meat) to a flavour of your choice. For starters, there's the old Malaysian favourite Sweet & Sour crabs, which can give most crab restaurants a run for their money. The generous sauce not only entirely covers the crabs but gives you plenty of sauce to get your hands dirty with. We say order up the crispy deep-fried man tao. Crab places that do not serve man tao are often cursed by us because there is nothing so fine as a crust of a man tao circling wicked soft bun soaked silly in extra gravy.

This Crabulous stall has about seven other flavours to choose from other than Sweet & Sour like Chilli, Dried Fried Chillies, Buttered (with curry leaves) and Salted Egg Yolk with Butter. With all these flavours, even the highly allergic will keep their anti-histamines on the table so that they can thoroughly enjoy the crabs. Another popular choice here is the The Buttered Crab. It comes laden with gritty salted egg and creamy buttery sauce. Some people really like the saltiness and texture the salted egg provides. We’ve had better but no complaints on the gravy side. Again it's generous and goes ridiculously well with those cheeky man tao buns.

If you like to go for an all out seafood fest and crabs are just not enough, there's always the grilled fish (ikan bakar) stall next to it. This stall serves not only various types of fishes but also other denizens of the sea such as prawns, squid, cockles, clams and mussels. Again, here you can custom your fish and gravy. Once you've chosen the seafood, then you can choose the way you like it grilled. And just as Crabulous, this stall too has many sauces to choose from.

On that fateful day, we had the Grilled Stingray with Assam Pedas (sour & spicy) sauce with a green chili & garlic dipping sauce and a plate of their fresh Buttered Prawns. Although in contrast to the Crabulous stall, seafood here is usually accompanied with a plate of steaming hot fragrant white rice.

The Grilled Stingray with Assam Pedas comes in a neat aluminum foil pack which they have already opened up for your convenience. However, unlike most grilled fish packs that come with slices of winged bean and ladies fingers, here they serve their packs with a generous amount of sliced onions. The Assam Pedas sauce that they serve is on the spicy side, but worth the sweat in pails, especially when you head for a dip in their green chili & garlic sauce. Their Butter Prawns is the gravy type. Usually there are two ways to serve buttered prawns, deep fried or with gravy. These prawns were practically drowned in gravy but tasty nonetheless. All in all, a trip to SS15's Asia Cafe is worthwhile especially when midnight cravings for good affordable seafood hits.


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