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ANZ Burger

by Ali on Wed, September 21, 2016

With more than 20 years in the business, ANZ Burger has perfected the art of creating delicious roadside Ramly burgers, this neighbourhood favourite serves burgers laden with goodness but with just the right amount of seasoning, a lovely balance of subtlety and restraint.

Serving Burgers for More Than 20 Years!

Foodster's Verdict

ANZ Burger
  • Address

    Jalan 21/1, Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

  • Open

    7.30pm -1.30am

  • Pros

    Good Ramly burgers that are not overly seasoned.

  • Cons

    Parking is very scarce.

  • Price Range

    RM2.30 – RM6.50

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

In front of 7-11 at Sea Park, Petaling Jaya (opposite of Ali food Corner), lies a burger truck known as Burger ANZ. The business was started in 1995 by Mr. Zainal, he's been serving burgers for 21 years, it gotta count for something. And that something is, really good roadside burgers. On average, he sells 160 burgers a day. Currently, he runs the truck with the help of his son, daughter and nephew.

I ordered the best seller which was the Burger Ayam, Amir (the son) began pan-frying the patty, while his cousin butters and grills the bun. Once the bread is golden he passes it to the prep area where Mr. Zainal’s daughter added chili sauce, cabbage, lettuce and onion. As soon as the patty is cooked on the outside, Amir slices the patty in half and began cooking the inside part. When it’s done, the patty is placed on the buns to be assembled and served.

A practice in restraint, non-sloppy roadside burger.

At the first bite I noticed that the amount of Worcester sauce and pepper was not too overpowering like in most Malaysian Ramly Burgers, it was just enough to compliment the taste of the patty. The buns were grilled lightly, to provide that crisp buttery taste. The garnishing provided crunch in every bite. Chili sauce in true Malaysian fashion, was abundant.

Patty gets wrapped up in a thin omelette, like a present for your tummy!

After savoring their most popular item, I ordered up my personal favorite, which was Daging Double Special. In Malaysia, when ordering a ‘special’ at a roadside burger stall, it means that your burger patty will be wrapped up in egg. In my case, I like to order the double, two beef patties instead of one. After grilling the patties, Amir usually places them to the side of the pan where it is not too hot so they remain warm but doesn’t continue to be cook. In the centre of the pan he cracks one egg, spreads it evenly ( almost like a crepe ) and season it with ( you’ve guessed it ) Worcestershire sauce and pepper. Once the egg is cooked, he then place the beef patties in the middle and began folding the sides up.

Open wide and take a bite.

The end result is a poor man’s Beef Wellington that gets really messy after the first bite. The extra patty gives a heavier feel while the egg was thin enough to not be a hindrance, the eggy taste compliments the burger well.

Look for this truck if you fancy a late night roadside burger.

If you want a Ramly Burger that’s not drenched in Worcestershire sauce and pepper, messy but subtle flavoured, then I highly recommend the ANZ Burger at Sea Park. They provide stools for patrons but if you really want to enjoy it on the spot I recommend that you bring your burger across the street to the mamak shop.