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Babarittos Food Truck

by Edwan S. on Mon, May 30, 2016

Hankering for yummy burritos? Well why not hunt down the Babaritto's Food Truck... erm... Bus? They'll definitely satisfy those burrito cravings you have.

Perfect for a quick lunch!

Foodster's Verdict

Babarittos Food Truck
  • Kids
  • Address

    In front of Columbia Hospital, PV6 Setapak
    Tel: 016 682 4877

  • Open

    Mon - Sat, 5pm - 1am

  • Pros

    Cheap, easy to eat

  • Cons

    None, really

  • Price Range

    RM6 - RM10

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

In a city of food trucks, Babarittos has always stood out. First, instead of modifying a truck, they took out the walls of a van, painted it hot pink and started pushing out burritos from it. ow, they one up the food trucks by rolling up a bright yellow school bus. Ultra cool and an instant conversation starter, what makes them endure in the curbside dining scene is the great food and one of the tastiest burritos in town.

From this... this!

The Baba of Babarittos (which means dad), has always been in the food and catering line. He started the food truck a little over a year ago to get his son Afy involved in entrepreneurship.

Full of meat!

Their food is pretty much comfort food. The menu selection is small but varied. Star attraction is of course their Burritos. Unlike regular ones that come packed with rice on the inside, the burritos at Babarittos (try saying that quickly a number of times) are packed with meat: chicken or beef.

The hugely popular Buttermilk Chicken Burrito!

It's all fried up on a hot plate before being tightly wrapped in a tortilla with some vegetables, mayo and a spicy sauce. It's deceptively small but packs a punch both in terms of flavour and texture. It's pretty filling too, perfect for a quick lunch.

One of our favourites here is the Buttermilk Chicken Burrito. Tangy chicken pieces are mixed in a buttery and spicy sauce then stuffed in a tortilla. Together with Seasons Tea, Malaysia’s no. 1 ice tea, Babarittos will be pairing this tasty meal with their teas. The refreshing fruity notes will balance out the rich buttery-ness of the chicken perfectly.

Good for sharing

The nachos are exemplary at Babarittos too; crunchy and addictively salty with a generous dousing of mayonnaise and cheese-sauce, or better still, ask it with a dollop of meaty bolognaise sauce.

Usually you'll find them in Setapak, near Columbia Hospital and they are frequent faces at various food events in the Klang Valley. Babarittos' also sells pasta and burgers. But it's that delicious buritto that's making people line up their truck.

Enjoy your burrito with some zesty tea!

For one day only, get Babaritto’s awesome Buttermilk Chicken Burrito with a can of Seasons Tea. It’s the perfect match! Take a picture of yourself enjoying SEASONS with your meal, hashtag #seasonsteaperfectmatch