Middle East


by Alexa P. on Sat, April 24, 2010

Turkish food is not something you find very easily here. There are a ton of Middle Eastern places but nothing traditionally Turkish and this is where Bosphorous fills the gap.

As crisp as a cracker

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    6.33, Level 6, KL Pavilion Shopping Centre, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03 2142 4000

  • Open

    10am - 10pm

  • Pros

    Delicious traditional Turkish food

  • Cons

    Prices are a bit high if compared to the usual Middle Eastern restaurants

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  • Certification

    Halal Certified

Turkish cuisine is a mix of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Caucasian and Balkan cuisines. Many of the dishes look and taste similar to what you might find at a Lebanese restaurant but there are some subtle differences in spices used. Different regions in Turkey have their own dishes using what is available to them. The Northern cuisine is corn and anchovy based, while the Southeast is known for their kebabs.

We order the specialty bread known as lavas. This is also sometimes called cracker bread since it is puffed up and thin making it as crisp as a cracker. This arrives at the table puffed up like a pillow sprinkled with sesame seeds. I have a lot of fun breaking it apart with my fingers and eating it with the accompanying dip that resembles a tomato salsa. The tomato dip is packed with spices and has a wonderful heat to it. The crisp lavas hits the spot and gets my tummy rumbling for more.

I also order a side of hummus as I’m unable to resist the smooth creaminess of the blended chickpeas. The hummus here is satiny smooth doused with chilli oil and sprinkled with ground coriander. The coriander is what makes it taste a bit different from the usual Middle Eastern outlets. I like the added spice that is peppered throughout giving it a zing. This combined with the tomato dip on the lavas bread is heavenly.

Now, the meat is what I was really hankering for and so I order the mixed grill platter for two, which comes with grilled chicken, grilled beef, lamb kebab, chicken kebab, grilled chilli and tomato, buttery rice, and fries. The meat is beautifully charred and fragrant with the specialty marinade. Hot off the grill this makes my mouth water and I can’t wait to take a bite. The meat is tender and super tasty. Each bite is satisfying and I’m happy to note that the chicken is juicy and not dry. I don’t even bother with the accompanying bread because I’m on a meat binge. The only part I don’t quite understand is the fries on the side…I suppose this is to make it more appealing to foreigners who might be intimidated with the idea of Turkish food? Either way, while I may not understand it, I am a fry addict and so I don’t complain.

To finish off the meal and to wake myself up from the meat heavy meal I ask for a cup of Turkish coffee. They serve this in a gorgeous cup with a Turkish delight (a traditional chewy candy) on the side. The coffee is strong and rich in flavour and bites of the Turkish delight are needed to sweeten it up to make it more palatable. This perks me up and sends me off with a bounce in my step and a belly full of goodness.

All in all this meal set me back a little over RM100 with the mixed grill platter being the majority of the bill at RM75. It's worth it though for a little taste of Turkey.