Street Burgers

You can get all kinds of meaty burgers at Bobby’s!

by Honey Ahmad on Sat, March 31, 2018

It's deep in the suburbs and popular for burgers that are a hot mess in your hands but bursts with flavour in your mouth. Meet Bobby, who's been churning out burgers behind his house for over 10 years. We shot him for our Burgernation show and found out what makes his burgers so special...

The accidental burgerman

Foodster's Verdict

You can get all kinds of meaty burgers at Bobby’s!
  • Address

    5, Jalan AU 5C/1, Taman Lembah Keramat, 54200, Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 013- 640 2237

  • Open

    6pm till late

  • Pros

    Well lighted place with tables and chairs for you to wait and eat your burgers.

  • Cons

    There might be a wait because some of his customers takeaway a lot of burgers

  • Price Range

    RM5- RM15

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

Bobby’s behind-his-house burger joint seems to be many things. The local takeout for one, a neighbourhood hangout and of course a bustling business. Manning the grill almost single handedly, on a weekday Bobby finishes 8 packs of buns (a pack contains 40 buns) easy and it goes beyond 11 packs on weekends.

His patties are grilled in a slew of olive oil. Sometime back he noticed that many of his customers left their burgers unfinished, finding margarine grilled patties a little too much to take. “Once I experimented with olive oil, I saw there were less leftovers so I stuck with it,” he explained. However, fear not. Like any good burger seller he douses his burgers with enough oil to fry it; and with grease from his patties what you get is still your much-loved street burger, sloppy to the point of madness.

My recommendation is to order the Burger Arnab. It has good flavour and with Bobby’s drench of sauce and dressing of vegetables, pretty special. Of course there’s a whole gamut of burger incarnations you can order here, the menu lists out all the layers of egg, cheese and stacked patties you can order on top of a basic burger. The Bangsar Babe named after the blogger herself is a square patty and it can be ordered triple-decked and swimming in sauces (the black pepper is a personal mix from a ready-made one). Bobby made this up specially for her after she nominated him for the Time Out Blogger’s Choice. That year he came close but lost out to Village Park.

Bangsar BabeThe Bangsar Babe, that's one meaty gal...

The nomination put Bobby on the urban burger map. Some burgers were renamed like an oblong lamb is now called Tiesto, a DIY Prosperity burger. He also makes his own patties, one that he dubs Pahlawan. This is a hefty burger, a meaty homemade patty barely contained in the small buns and added to the mélange inside like the rest of his burgers is a generous handful of sweet fried onions. If you’re hungry, this is your burger.

Roti JohnBobby's Roti John is bursting with good stuff.

Other than burgers, Bobby also makes a mean roti john adding slices of sausage between the eggy bread. Speaking to him on a busy night and watching him tirelessly flipping patties he confessed that selling burgers was never in his game plan. In fact, he opened the stall because he wanted his mates not to lose touch with each other after school. “After we finished school, everyone started going their separate ways, getting married and busy with jobs. It was getting hard to meet up.” So he cranked up an awning outside his house and started selling burgers. And then he had a eureka moment and discovered passion for burgers. "It makes me happy", he says with a laugh.

Yes, this is the takeout section.

During his breaks, Bobby sits with his mates and they shoot the breeze. It's obvious that this guy values his friends and this sort of honest sincerity shows in his burgers. And it’s as simple as that. If he wasn’t selling burgers? “Saya jual kereta potong kot,” he says. Well personally we’re glad he decided to go the burger way. It makes a hell of a lot more people happy.

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