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Burger Giler Power

by Farah D. on Mon, November 16, 2015

Farah checks out a burger truck so good, it's giler power! Here's the lowdown of this truck in Taman Melawati.

Burgers, giler power!

Foodster's Verdict

Burger Giler Power
  • Business
  • Kids
  • Address

    In front of Espressolab, 21, Jalan Bandar, Taman Melawati, 53100 KL

  • Open

    Thurs - Sat, 5pm - 10pm

  • Pros

    Tasty burgers, reasonable pricing

  • Cons

    Only open 3 days a week

  • Price Range

    RM10 - RM20

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Pork Free

The name says it all. What Burger Giler Power offers is just that. Really good burgers. Homemade patties sandwiched between charcoal buns and drizzled with their signature spicy garlic aioli sauce. Giler power!

The ground beef patties are lean and non-greasy, well-seasoned and savoury, pairing perfectly with the subtle flavours of the garlic aioli. The homemade charcoal buns, although slightly dense, gives the burgers a lovely smokey flavour. Sides include the peppery chicken broccoli salad and crispy fried mushroom. The burgers here have a great homemade quality as most of the recipes were developed by the founders and their wives.

Fresh off the griddle!

Later on, their friend, a baker joined the team and helped to create their bun recipes. The inspiration behind the burgers is pretty much based on how they like to eat their burgers, wholesome and rich with a tasteful blend of local and western flavours.

There's a chicken version too

The chilli cheeseburger is a crowd favourite, it’s their signature cheeseburger topped with a generous serving of ‘Coney’ meat sauce. The Cajun chicken burger is also a great option, with a great spicy kick and they use Tzatziki instead of mayo to balance out the spiciness.

The latest addition to their menu is the Kepak Yum, hot wings drenched in a tasty garlic butter sauce. Lip-smackingly yummy with just a touch of heat.

Kepak yum is very yums!

Burger Giler Power is a family business, started by two brothers, Jason and Daniel Wong. They started as a home-based burger delivery service for their friends and family and it got so popular that they soon had up to 8 people in a small apartment handling 50 to 70 orders daily.

The burger bros

After about a year, they got busier and their small kitchens were not big enough to accommodate the orders, so they decided to expand the business. They felt that shifting from a home delivery service to a full-fledged outlet was a big leap and after considering a few options, they opted for a food truck instead.

Burger Giler Power is located in front of Espressolab in Melawati, which means you can also pair a cuppa with your burger. The service at Burger Giler Power is brisk, staff are friendly and prices are reasonable. If you’re looking for a tasty ‘gourmet’ burger that is simple, satisfying and doesn’t break the bank, this food truck is a wonderful choice.