Mus Burger ( Sempoi Burger )

by Ali on Wed, October 19, 2016

Our young writer, Ali sets off to Kelana Jaya to check out Burger Mus, a streetside burger stall that has been around as long as he has. Mus a.k.a Pak Cik Mushaya has been selling burgers since 1989. What sets hims apart from other vendors? Well, instead of using one specific brand for patties, Mus actually sources his from different suppliers. Each burger customised according to his own preferences.

Lamb or rabbit? Take your pick.

Foodster's Verdict

Mus Burger ( Sempoi Burger )
  • Address

    In front of 7-11, Jalan SS3/29 47300 Kelana Jaya, Selangor

  • Open

    5 pm till late

  • Pros

    Wide variety and pasar malam on Tuesdays

  • Cons

    Might have to wait if orders pile up

  • Price Range

    RM5 – RM8

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

In the capable hands of Mus, roadside burger fans won't be disappointed. He's been at it since 1989. I am one for things that are new and wacky so I opted for oblong kambing and burger arnab (yes you read that one right - bunny burger!) Mus gets his patties from different vendors. He tries every brand to find the perfect one for each of his creation.That's why you can also see him serving burger patties sourced from Abang Burn as well.

First up is the burger oblong kambing, ahh... good old Malaysian street burger. Smothered in black pepper sauce, the patty is juicy with a sweet sharpness from the sliced red onions, this is definitely a match made in heaven. Not only that, Pak Cik Mus uses kicap masin (soy sauce) instead of Worcester sauce. The result is this bold saltiness that you can taste in each mouthful.

Lamb Oblong - sinful yet so worthy

The saltiness is little bit more subdued in the oblong because the black pepper sauce is more prominent, earthy with a tinge of heat. The taste of the black pepper is vividly clear, a hint of sweetness with just the right texture. It is not too liquid and has enough thickness to make it stick on the patty. The end result is juicy lamb oblong with lip-smackingly good black pepper sauce.

Generous toppings, a beautiful tasty mess...

Not every day do you come across rabbit meat, let alone a rabbit burger patty so I know I had to give it a try. Mus cooks every patty the same way. He pan fries them, grilling them till they're slightly charred, seasoning them with pepper and soy sauce as he grills. At first glance, the rabbit burger patty looks like a chicken patty. First bite also tells me that it tastes similar, as you continue to eat it, you notice a subtle sweetness and a meatier feel that sets it apart from chicken.The burger is set up as any other burger at the shop. Patty is placed on a bed of cabbage, cucumber is added, finished off with a liberal squirt of chilli sauce before the final assemble. The unique rabbit taste combined with soy sauce and chilli sauce is new for me, but I find it interesting and quite tasty.

With almost 30 years experience in selling burgers, Mus is an expert in his field.

If you want to play safe, try the chicken burger. It's a popular choice. Moist chicken patty with usual garnishing and condiments. Mus serves about 100 burgers per day. He doesn’t have any secret sauce or special methods in preparing his burgers, but with years of experience under his belt, his skills are prevalent in each burger. They're humble in appearance but big on flavour. Not flashy or overwhelming, just 'Ramly' burgers executed well.With a plethora of burgers on his menu, you’ll definitely find something to love at Mus Burger.