Cava Restaurant and Bar

by Keeta B. on Tue, September 01, 2009

If you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy some fine Spanish cuisine, wine and conversation, forget about Telawi. Tonight we are in another part of Bangsar, the part a lot of people still don’t know about. It’s Jalan Bangkung.

Catalonian-style cuisine...

Foodster's Verdict

Cava Restaurant and Bar
  • Romantic
  • Business
  • Air Conditioned
  • Credit Card
  • Address

    71, Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03 2093 6637

  • Open

    Lunch and dinner

  • Pros

    great food, great service

  • Cons

    small space, might need reservations, especially on weekends

  • Price Range

    RM40 - RM75

  • Parking


  • Certification


Yes, Jalan Bankung is definitely the better side of Bangsar -it’s quiet, houses some really good restaurants and parking is no problem at all. Here, you’ll find Cava, a Spanish themed restaurant that is small and private, yet has a family appeal too. We’re here on a Tuesday night, and it’s full- with couples, groups of friends, even families with young kids. But it still feels very romantic and cozy- the people at Cava definitely know a thing or two about ambience.

Cava was named after the Spanish geographic origin of wine, Cava- where sparkling wine is produced using a method similar to champagne- meaning everything certainly is sweet and bubbly at Cava. Cava also means, “cellar” in Catalan, and to live up to its name, Cava boasts an extensive list of fine wines and champagnes. The menu here is also influenced by Catalonian style cuisine, and Cava is well known for its Tapas and Paella, not to mention its fresh and invigorating Sangria and wine cocktails.

And so tonight we are here to feast, and we start with a few glasses of Sangria to keep us festive. Unlike your conventional Sangria, the way they do it at Cava makes you forget there is even alcohol in it at all. Very dangerous but also very, very good! Next we go for some Tapas, first is the Prawn Ala Marinera -juicy, succulent prawns slow cooked in white wine, butter, garlic and parsley. This is so delicious you might not want to share, so be prepared to order seconds!

Next was the Spanish Lamb Boulette, lamb meatballs infused with herbs, served with a minty pepper sauce. This sauce was a little stroke of genius, as it gave the lamb a nice peppery flavour but with hints of mint. Personally I am not a big fan of lamb but this dish was so good it got me hooked.

Next we sampled the Grilled Prawn Salad. Instead of your typical lettuce and tomato fare, this yummy salad came packed with cous cous, grilled asparagus, rocket, feta cheese & minted mango yoghurt! This dish literally explodes in your mouth from the combination of strong flavours, and trust me you won’t be disappointed. I would go back to Cava simply based on this salad alone.

But Cava seems to be giving us more than one reason to return, and now set before us is the Braised Spanish Chambarete, or Lamb Shank, served with mixed beans, mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables. The lamb meat is tender and falls off the bone, the entire dish having a stew consistency. This dish makes a hearty meal, and the mash potatoes are a wonderful accompaniment.

Everyone keeps raving about the Paella here, and now I will get a chance to see what all the fuss is about. The Paella Mariscos, or seafood paella, is a merry medley of saffron rice cooked with prawns, mussels, squid and fish in a paella pan. And now I know what all the fuss is about. The Paella has a full-flavoured, spicy, earthy taste, the kind you would expect from rustic Spanish home cooking. At Cava they add a local twist by serving it with their home-made cili padi paste, adding a marvelous ‘kick’ to this dish. The paste is HOT, so proceed with caution!

What is the end of a wonderful meal without dessert? At Cava, they do save some of the best for last. If you are a chocolate lover, the aptly named ‘Chocolate Dream’ will remind you why chocolate is still an orgasmic pleasure. This self-saucing chocolate cake with its decadent gooey centre is served with tangy lime custard sauce, that balances out the sweetness. Hmmm…I can’t say much more, I’m too busy licking my spoon.

Cava is definitely a place I would recommend for a nice quiet meal with your loved one, or as the starting line for a small girls night out. The wait staffs here are also some of the best around, as they are polite and helpful without being intrusive. The people behind Cava, Maxim-Image Sdn Bhd (who also own Opus Bistro, Moxie, and recently opened Leonardo’s Dining Room) pride themselves on having great customer service. And judging from the fact that Cava has been around for about 7 years, well - they must be doing it right.

Open 7 days a week
Price range : RM 15 - 65