Cendol Durian Runtuh

by Honey on Tue, March 20, 2018

If you like your durian in a nice refreshing bowl of cendol then this roadside stall on the fringes of Chow Kit is your dream come true... fat, generous durians drowning in shaved ice, santan and gula melaka... WIN.

A glorious, glorious dessert!

Foodster's Verdict

Cendol Durian Runtuh
  • Address

    Lorong Raja Bot right where it meets Jalan Raja Alang. It's right where the Chow Kit night market is.
    Tel: 011-2106 1685

  • Open

    2pm- 3am

  • Pros

    Good portioned durian and fast service

  • Cons

    Can get really crowded with hardly a place to sit. Practice balancing at the side of the road

  • Price Range

    RM10- RM15

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

Whoever was the mad genius that decided to combine cendol and durian in a bowl… we thank you! Of course not all durian vendors are created equal. Some are too kedekut with the durian, some don't get the balance right. If your cendol is not good in the first place, just adding in durian is not going to cut it, y'know? But look at that!

A creamy beast hiding in a river of santan

This cendol place in Chow Kit really serves it up good and proper. In each bowl you will get about five fat durians with lots of flesh in them. Cendol is firm, santan ‘lemak enough’ and gula melaka decent.

Fat, fat durian

Our guess is if you just order a normal bowl it will be refreshing. If you want to really ‘melampau’ it get the full works with pulut and jagung. We did lah.

There’s a good balance to this bowl, if you are a hantu durian, you can finish one bowl easy without feeling jelak.

Yup, good, fat and sweet durian all waiting for a bowl to call home

Sharing it with a buddy is just nice. We think cendol durian is a good way to enjoy durian if you are a novice because it doesn’t smell too strong plus it’s cooling and refreshing. You can take it home as well, they pack it pretty nicely in plastic cups.