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Cowboys Food Truck

by Edwan S. on Tue, May 17, 2016

Channeling the spirit of good ol' American barbeque right here in the heart of KL is the Cowboys Food Truck. This truck has stolen the hearts and stomachs of Klang Valley foodies with their unpretentious and honest barbeque.

Your tastebuds will go 'Yee haw!'

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Cowboys Food Truck
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    RM10 - RM20

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    Muslim Owned

Rugged men on horses, with Stetson hats and six-shot revolvers. All of them saying 'Yee haw!' That is the first thing that pops into our heads when we think of cowboys, right? Now let us add another reason to think about cowboys: great American inspired food... right here in Kuala Lumpur. The Cowboys Food Truck is pretty new to the Klang Valley food truck scene, having been set up a little over a year ago by a group of barbecue loving friends.

"Unfortunately, I couldn't find the really good, American style barbeque back here in KL," said Nizar, the managing partner. "Here, barbeque means roaring coals and slapping food on a grill. But it's a bit different back in the States."

The brisket being sliced

He goes on to explain that barbeque is taken very seriously in America; annual cookouts are state-wide, nation-wide affairs attracting hundreds of thousands of people. And the barbeques often involve big slabs of meat, smoked in purpose-built contraptions. "That's what I tried to emulate. I even brought in a smoker from America!" said Nizar. From this smoker comes Cowboys' signature dish, the BBQ Beef Brisket. The brisket is smoked for 7 hours (!!) so it becomes juicy and oh-so-tender.

You can have it in their Big Texan Po' Boy Sandwich: the juicy, smoky beef is accompanied by a tangy slaw and creamy chipotle mayo in a crusty, chewy loaf. Or go for the Chuck Norris Platter and get some chicken wings, a crispy fried chicken chop and some slices of that brisket. That beef brisket is soooo good, you imagine yourself thinking just eating it on its own.

The Chuck Norris, how more 'jantan' can your meal get?

Now with such a manly dish to sink your teeth into, surely you need something fruity and sweet to balance the Yin of this Yang? Well that’s why Cowboys has partnered up with Seasons Tea to bring you an awesome pairing. We believe all that savoury-barbecued meaty deliciousness would taste superb washed down with a refreshingly cold Seasons Tea.

Freshly fried chicken wings are amazeballs

Try too their chicken wings: the wings are marinated in buttermilk before being dredged then fried to a craggily, crispy crust on the outside with juicy meat within. They come tossed in two different flavours: creamy garlic parmesan or a sweet, sticky and spicy BBQ sauce. All the sauces served at Cowboys Food Truck are home-made. They make great dipping for their fries too.

Even Cowboys need some refreshing tea after a long day tending brisket

For one day only, get Cowboy’s mouthwatering Chuck Norris with a can of Seasons Tea. It’s the perfect match! Take a picture of yourself enjoying SEASONS with your meal and hashtag #seasonsteaperfectmatch