Espressamente illy

by Adly on Fri, April 03, 2009

Illy’s coffee is actually a blend of 9 different coffee beans. Only the roasting method is different. There are Dark Roast, Medium Roast and Decaf. Medium Roast has the most Caffeine as the longer you roast, the less caffeine is left.

A great cuppa is always a good thing....

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Espressamente illy
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    Lot 12 - NS13A Bangsar Village Shopping Center Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03 2287 7078

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    I love the coffee here.

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    I love the coffee here...

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    Pork Free

I thought that Espressemente Illy was an experimentation by Illy to open a boutique café in KL as I have never seen any in my travels. However, they have over 140 franchises globally, including one in Pavillion a year back and another one in Bangsar Two, opened a couple of months ago. Although the company is family run, its global business now brings in more than half the revenue. It was less than 20% ten years ago.

Another fact worth noting was that it was Francesco Illy who invented the espresso, the steam driven coffee maker to replace the traditional Italian moca pots. If you think that Illy sells only coffee beans, there you go! Yet another fact is that unlike other coffee franchises that sells beans of all sorts such as Kenyan, Columbian and Blue Mountain, Illy’s coffee is actually a blend of 9 different coffee beans. Only the roasting method is different. So, there’s only Dark Roast, Medium Roast and Decaffeinated. You can actually buy the nitrogen packed grounded coffee beans at their cafes.

If you park yourselves at their Pavillion branch, this is the perfect place to sip some great coffee whilst watching the world pass by. My favourite is the Caffe Fondente. This single shot expresso coffee is freshly brewed out of the Italian handmade La Marzocco coffee machine. Dark chocolate is added and the coffee is topped with steamed milk that magically turns into handmade coffee art (depending on the Barrista in charge). It has a nice, strong and authoritative taste coming from Illy’s dark roast blend but with slight soft mocha taste. You are now all set to watch the world pass by.

I don’t have much to comment on their sandwich line up. Perhaps they are still new here in Malaysia. I expected more from their paninis. Both their salmon and chicken paninis are just average. But it tastes much better when you have it with coffee. Perhaps they have tuned it so that it tastes better with a cuppa.

The cold pasta salad and antipasto fare better. There are several kinds for you to nibble whilst sipping that coffee of yours. The tomato with buffalo mozzarella cheese is just delicious. Slices of mozarella sandwiched between tomatoes and basil, served cold. Also, get the Portobello mushrooms, grilled served with bread and olive oil. Several pasta dishes are also on offer. We tried the Spaghetti Con Portobello, Spaghetti Bolognaise and Penne Pollo Fungi. But you know what? At Espressamente Illy, it’s the coffee that stands out… At the time of writing this, they have a lunch and dinner special, coffee and a main dish at RM17.00. At these prices. I can’t complain. Would probably come back later to check them out again… as long as their coffees are great... I'm a happy camper… very happy…