Kepong Fried Carrot Cake Food Truck

by Arslan Z. on Thu, July 19, 2018

If you’re a fan of Fried Carrot Cake, I bet your favourite ones are either in Penang or Melaka, amiright? But you orang KL and you’re craving for some now so where to go?! Kepong la! Got a good amount of wok hei, a kaw homemade chili sauce, and it’s PORK FREE! #Bliss

Kepong’s Hidden Gem

Foodster's Verdict

Kepong Fried Carrot Cake Food Truck
  • Address

    Big Tree Head Mamak, Persiaran Mergastua, Kepong Baru, 52100 Kuala Lumpur

  • Open

    4.00 PM - 4.00 AM (Daily)

  • Pros

    Service as fast as lightning and the owner is friendly too.

  • Cons

    Limited quantity, so try to go there as soon as it opens.

  • Price Range

    RM8.50 - RM12.00

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Pork Free

Don’t expect to find icing or carrot in this savoury Carrot Cake ya. The vital ingredient in this Teochew dish is White Radish (our people call it white carrot lah). It’s chopped then mixed with rice flour, steamed and cut into cubes and then charred with garlic, eggs and pickled radish. Mmm… just writing about this makes me want to have some now!

So when you’re in Kepong Baru, look for this low-key white food truck parked next to Big Tree Head Mamak. They have been frying up Carrot Cake since the late 80’s, now the son of the original proprietor has taken over to keep the family legacy alive. He says that the secret to their Fried Carrot Cake is their “all-fresh & daily homemade” ingredients, right down to the chilli sauce yo! ...but he doesn’t wanna tell us his name. Haha!

Each bite is filled thoroughly with that char & smoky flavour that comes from a well balanced flame. Probably the hardest part of this dish, but this leng zai really knows how to play with fire to give you that umami kick. Just imagine lah… crispy charred edges, chewy yet melts-in-your mouth rice cakes, salty & spicy all in one bite lepas tu imagine dipping that panas-panas into their homemade chilli sauce. Can sing-song dy! Syahdu habis…