Mixed Cuisine

Gold Chilli

by The Charlie on Wed, June 06, 2012

Gold Chilli is a hub for college kids since it offers menus with reasonable pricing.

Super-famous buttermilk chicken...

Foodster's Verdict

Gold Chilli
  • Business
  • Address

    No. 5, Jalan SS15/8B, 47500, Subang Jaya
    Tel: 016 909 9873

  • Open

    12pm-12am (closed on Sundays)

  • Pros

    A good treat to beat those college blues in the middle of the week.

  • Cons

    Waiting for a table might take ages.

  • Price Range

    RM 25

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Pork Free

College students are perpetually on a budget. Sharing money to fill up petrol, ordering air suam at the mamak, counting change at the copy shop to print out assignments. So what’s a collegiate foodie to do? Well, for Subangites, there is an option that won’t break your bank: Gold Chilli.

Gold Chilli was started by Mr Harry six years ago, serving up basic kopitiam-style fare. Unfortunately, it didn’t do very well, so he started expanding his menu to suit the taste of the resident public, aka the college student population. Ever since he added more Chinese and Thai options to the menu, business has been steadily growing and is positively booming now. A decision worthy of a business course case study, we think!

Even on a weeknight, it takes a little while to get a table. College kids tend to swarm in large groups, and it’s no different here at Gold Chilli. Up to three tables can be seen joined together to accommodate large parties, everyone lingering and chatting over their drinks leisurely. But once you get a seat, service is more often than not snappy, and piping hot food delivered to your table in a jiffy.

There’s a dish that almost every table will have here in Gold Chilli, and that’s the super-famous butter milk chicken. They go through an average of 150 servings of this stuff daily and we can definitely see why. Crispy fried pieces of chicken are generously doused with a creamy and delicious butter & milk gravy – perfect with a bit of rice and chopped chilli padi. Sometimes you can see even a table of six, all eating the same dish. It’s that good!

Their other offerings are also up to par. Before our dishes arrived, we tried out a spicy fried chicken sausage dish to snack on. Thinly sliced chicken sausages, sautéed with onions and chillies – we almost smacked our foreheads at the ingenious simplicity of this dish.

Then, along with the chicken, we also had the beef yee mee and the Hainanese chicken chop. The yee mee was excellent, with perfectly cooked slices of beef in a lovely gingery sauce. The crispiness of the yee mee held up for a good amount of time to the gravy, resulting in crispy-soupy spoons of noodles throughout the meal.

The Hainanese chicken chop is also a winner. The chicken, battered and fried, was covered with a light and tangy sauce chock-full of peas and onions. The fries on the side do well to help soak up the sauce, and you can even get a sausage or rice on the side to stretch your waistline even further.

Sometimes, all anyone really needs is really good, simple, and honest food. And it’s no different for the multitudes of college students who populate this part of Subang Jaya. We almost don’t mind the wait, as the food arrives promptly and you’re never shooed away to make way after a meal (which probably explains the wait!). If only they had some dessert options... how about it, Mr Harry?