Haute Food Co.

by Alexa P. on Sat, April 17, 2010

I’ve always been kind of meh… about scones. I didn’t really have an opinion about them. If they were there I’d eat them but I’d never crave for them or even think to order them on my own. Chef Li at Haute Food Co. has changed my perception of scones forever.

Little buttery bites of heaven

Foodster's Verdict

Haute Food Co.
  • Business
  • Kids
  • Air Conditioned
  • Address

    Unit H-0-2 Block H, Plaza Damas 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03 6201 3168, 012 216 8026

  • Open

    Open from 10am - 6pm : Closed on Tuesdays

  • Pros

    Delicious food with that homecooked feel

  • Cons

    They are closed in the evenings

  • Price Range


  • Parking


  • Certification

    Pork Free

A friend of mine took me to visit this quaint little café saying that they have the best scones in Malaysia. Not being much of a scone fan, I accepted the invite seeing it purely as an opportunity to catch up with some friends. We ordered a scone set to share and also decided on a slice of coconut passion fruit cheesecake and a sticky date pudding.

When the scones arrived I picked one up and slathered it with a generous amount of clotted cream and jam and took a bite. It was firm yet soft, warm and buttery, the perfect bite of scone. My senses were immediately awakened! It was as though I tasted scones for the first time. It's no wonder I never cared much about them before. These little buttery bites of heaven were so good that I went back to the café three days in a row in need of my fix. I had gone from not giving scones the slightest thought, to a full-fledged addict with withdrawal symptoms to boot. There has got to be heroin in these things!

The other desserts are deathly delicious as well. The cheesecake is rich and creamy topped with passion fruit and just a slight hint of coconut. The cookie base resembles an oreo, but a homemade oreo with far more flavour. The sticky date pudding is wonderfully datey and the caramel it sits atop is lovely.

The two days following my first visit I sampled a few more of the specialties that the menu has to offer aside from teatime treats. If you enjoy sandwiches as much as I do, you won’t be disappointed here. Try the roast beef with caramelized onions and mizuna. The beef is roasted in-house to perfection a light brown on the edges but a gorgeous pink in the middle. This keeps it succulent and it pairs well with the onions and mizuna. The smoked chicken is also just as delicious topped with melted cheese and served with a sundried tomato pesto. One thing I love is that all the sandwiches come with a side salad making it a complete healthy balanced meal. There are also soups, pastas and other specials like roast beef or chicken with veggies and more. I've also been told that the lamb wrap is a winner with proper cubes of tender lamb. I will definitely be trying that out next.

On these two other occasions I had the scones, of course, and I also decided to try some of the other baked items. Chef Li had baked some fresh cookies and brownies and so I gave them a go. The Gavin’s Great cookie is a thin chocolate chip cookie that somehow manages to keep very soft. I’ve got to find out the secret to making these! The mint chocolate brownie was another treat being very rich in chocolate but oh-so-minty as well; a great balance of flavours.

Prices here are very reasonable for the quality that you get. There is a teatime special where you can get two scones and a cup of coffee or tea for RM9.90 or if you'd prefer a slice of cake instead then the same set goes for RM14.90. This cosy little cafe is exactly the type of place where you can feel at home while indulging in the delicious bites. Chef Li also teaches cooking classes for small groups on and she does catering too. This is a woman who truly has a passion for food.



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