Hawina Tomyam

by The Foodster on Sat, February 23, 2008

Fancy a filling dinner with no dressing up required? Hawina is your place for honest food.

There's bountiful seafood in the kerabu soohoon

Foodster's Verdict

Hawina Tomyam
  • Address

    No.11 Medan Selera Bunga Tanjung, Ampang
    Tel: 012 661 3414

  • Open

    5pm to 2am daily

  • Pros

    Seafood portions are sizeble

  • Cons

    It's rather hidden so if you don't live in the neighbourhood you have to go out of your way to get here

  • Price Range

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

Good food can be found in the most unlikely places. Especially in places that have been around for ages but you are not too sure how the food is like there. Well, Hawina is tucked in one of those improbable places. Its appearance might give out different vibes but rest well that the food is good and cooked well.

One of the few unique dishes here that not many Tomyam places offer is their Nasi Bubur set. Although it sounds more like a meal for those who are down with something, here their mouth watering Bubur Set will make you reconsider. What always holds to be true is that the most delicious food is normally the simplest. This set comprises of just porridge, stir fried baby kailan, whole salted egg and deep-fried crispy ikan bilis (anchovies). This is topped off with a sweet lime syrup, roughly chopped onions and chilli padi- the Wow! factor that sets this porridge apart from the rest. And if you still feel you need more items for this plain porridge, you can always take a peak at the little side bar that has various items for you to choose from. The colours alone will make you go wild!

But the fun doesn't stop there folks! Like many tomyam establishments, you can either have plain rice with your assortment of dishes or you can have your one dish meals. We opted for the former as it would get our grubby little hands on more stuff. And so it was called for and we had a spread of fish, chicken and veggies. First up, we had Kerabu Soohoon or Vermicelli Salad for our appetizer. The best thing about this is the seafood portion is bountiful not to mention sizeable. This is then tossed with vermicelli along with big slices of yellow onion, tomatoes and a juicy dollop of lime syrup. What a great appetite opener.

Our tummies needn't wait much longer for the next course as the chicken and fish practically flew on our table not long after. The Ayam Gajus (Chicken with Cashew nuts) is an apparent Thai influenced dish. The chicken is first deep-fried to get that delicious crispy exterior and then stir fried with fragrant sweet chilli paste along with onion pieces and crunchy cashew nuts. This provided a beautiful medley of taste and textures. Honestly there is nothing else like it.

But the crowning glory of them all went to the Ikan Tiga Rasa (Three Flavoured Fish). A definite favourite, this fish is a sure hit for its excellent taste and texture. Although this dish can usually be found at your average Tomyam place, not everyone can cook it well. The reason it's named Three Flavoured Fish is from the sauce, an intermingling of sweet, sour and spicy flavour that us Malaysians love. Here they deep-fry their fish butterfly style so it's crunchy to the bone and the meat although crispy outside is soft and ever so succulent inside. The sauce that blankets this fishy goodness is made from fresh red chillies, onion, lemongrass and many other spices. Both of this when combined together offer a mindblowing taste explosion! Once you have had of all these dishes, you can't help but sit back and smile. At meal's end, you'd be stroking your tummy lovingly and it would in return love you for the wonderful meal.