Ho Bahn

by Alexa P. on Wed, September 22, 2010

Korean food is one of those cuisines that I get immense cravings for every once in a while. The very thought of spicy tangy kimchi and slightly charred meats can send my mind whirling and get my tummy rumbling. This spot was a good find and the best part is that it’s a short drive from home.

A must order: BBQ Rib-eye platter.

Foodster's Verdict

Ho Bahn
  • Business
  • Kids
  • Air Conditioned
  • Credit Card
  • Address

    GF-12, The Waterfront @ Desa Parkcity, 5 Persiaran Residen, Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03 6280 8713

  • Open

    Daily 11am - 10pm

  • Pros

    The bulgogi cooked on the quartz crystal is divine

  • Cons

    The kimchi is not as "happening" as I would like it

  • Price Range

    RM50 - RM100

  • Parking


  • Certification


When I first entered the restaurant it was still early in the evening and majority of the tables were empty which had me a bit worried. Once we ordered though, people started trickling in and before we knew it the restaurant was buzzing with activity. This lifted my hopes for the food to come.

Service here is attentive and you can choose to grill your own food or let them do it for you. They expertly swish and flip the meats around to ensure even cooking and coax out the delicious flavours. You can even pick whether you want the food cooked in the kitchen or tableside, a good option for those who would rather not leave a place smelling like food.

One of the specialties here is the bulgogi that is cooked on a crystal quartz platter. This cooks the meat so that it is tender and juicy but it doesn’t char. It is almost like a slight boil, which traps in the rich bulgogi flavours. This comes with glass noodles and an assortment of veggies and mushrooms. I enjoyed slurping down the noodles glazed with the sauce. The small platter was still large enough to be a complete meal for 2ppl, which means that the large platter would be plenty for a large group.

When you order a meat dish you automatically get a platter of 9 different banchans. If you order other dishes you have the option of ordering banchan on the side in sets of 3, 6, or 9. Out of the various banchan I quite enjoyed the deep-fried shredded seaweed and the sticky sweet fried anchovies. The kimchi here, while good, lacks that strong pungent garlic punch that I enjoy. After all what is Korean food if you don’t leave with garlic breath?

A must order is the BBQ Rib eye platter. This is grilled on a skillet-like pot and the beef gets a beautiful char. The best part is that this meat is meltingly tender and you can wrap it in the accompanying lettuce leaves for a refreshing crunch and dip it in the chilli sauce. Meaty perfection!

Another favourite of mine is the bibimbap. This is a Korean version of mixed rice where various veggies, an egg, and meat is placed in a sizzling bowl and topped with gochujang, a spicy chilli paste. When it gets to the table you are meant to mix it all up. The rice on the bottom on the bowl crisps up and you get that burnt crunch which I think is the best part. The mixing of all the different ingredients gives you a delicious one-bowl meal.

If you’re looking for a satisfying snack, the fried pork dumplings are a treat. These are chock full of porky goodness and the casing is fried till perfectly crisp. Dip it in the accompanying vinegary sauce for a contrasting bite. Yummy!

One last thing I’m completely obsessed with here is the brown rice green tea. This tea has a rich toasted rice aroma that adds depth to the usual green tea. Perfect for washing down all the strong Korean flavours.