Hoi Peng

by Honey on Sun, November 08, 2009

PJ is littered with seafood restaurant serving everything from simple Chinese cooking to lavish feasts. Hoi Peng has been on my radar for sometime as everyone that goes there raves about the crabs. So one day, I packed some friends in a car and paid it a visit...

Fleshy claws, crusty with creaminess

Foodster's Verdict

Hoi Peng
  • Kids
  • Credit Card
  • Address

    No 30, Jalan SS2/24, Petaling Jaya
    Tel: 03 7874 2199

  • Open

    4pm to 12.30am

  • Pros

    If you're lucky you can get your claws on the meatiest crustaceans

  • Cons

    PJ parking la...

  • Price Range

    RM40 - RM60

  • Parking


  • Certification


The front of the menu was a manic looking crab that looked a little 'kemaruk' (itching with anticipation). I understand its pain. I was starvin' Marvin and everyone has been raving about the salted egg crabs here. "You want the ones with the big fat claws?" Asked the lady. Hell yeah! She came back with some keropok to munch as I rubbed my hands.

Let me be the first to say that I don't really like too much yolk in my diet. As a small child, I would painstakingly cut around a bull's eye trying to outwit the runny yolk. Holding my breath, I lift it out from the centre and will it not to spill its yellow goo on my whites. However, salted egg crabs when done well does not have that overpowering yolky taste. Infact done extremely well it renders the crabs creamy and crunchy like a refined Asian buttermilk crust.

And yeah the salted egg crabs here are pretty incredible. Crusty with creaminess with claws so fat with flesh you hardly have to break a sweat. I'm a bit of a lazy crab eater. So a crab that's fat and yielding is the best kind. In fact, there was so much flesh we couldn't eat them all. Mount Crabalu laid unconquered. Flavour-wise it's salty and rich with flesh still juicy. My only complain is that I like my crabs with a little gravy to sop with some nice mantau. However I must admit, this is a nice change.

Rest of the meal is your usual Chinese fare. Butter prawns are delicious... I reckon restaurants that know how to fry things, really do this dish well. Prawns here are also big and meaty, very satisfying. So I was quite looking forward to a good Chinese fried rice and it was good!

You can't really fault good Chinese fried rice. It's that inner craving that you never thought you have until they lay it down in front of you and you take that first mouthful. Then you realise how many places out there serves very mediocre fried rice. We also had steamed fish, asparagus, tofu and some chicken wings.

As usual we ordered far too much. Hoi Peng is a good restaurant to come to if you're cruising in the PJ area. The quality of food is good and guaranteed to satisfy anyone's seafood itch.