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Hungry Thug

by Farah D. on Thu, June 02, 2016

Hungry Thug is a food truck offering Malaysian-ised versions of western dishes, their dishes are made to suit local taste buds so don’t expect authentic Tex Mex. Come here with an open mind and you’ll leave with a fulfilled and satisfied tummy...

Livin' the thug life!

Foodster's Verdict

Hungry Thug
  • Kids
  • Address

    Thurs-Fri, In front of Mydin, Bukit Jelutong, Tues-Wed, behind BHP in Melawati
    Tel: 012 3100012 ( Irhas ) or 012 9646409 ( Khairy )

  • Open

    6pm - 11pm

  • Pros

    Hearty dishes, friendly staff

  • Cons

    Don’t expect authentic Mexican, this is the Malaysian version.

  • Price Range

    RM10 - RM20

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

With a catchy tagline like ‘Hungry, tak?’, the Hungry Thug food truck’s menu of Tex Mex with a Malaysian twist will surely satisfy your hunger pangs. This latest addition to the local food truck scene pairs East and West elements in all their dishes.

Their popular Beef Taco (or ‘Thug-co’ ) is the perfect example of this pairing. They opted for shredded roasted beef instead of ground beef to give the tacos more texture and flavour.

Sizzle away!

The filling has the usual taco components - beef, tomatoes, onions and lettuce in a soft tortilla wrap, but instead of using salsa, they topped the filling with a combo of mayo and their own homemade cili padi sauce.


Their cili padi sauce makes another appearance in their spicy chicken wings, Fried till golden brown, with a garnish of sesame seeds, the wings have a nice hint of heat from the sauce and the sprinkling of chilli flakes in the dish. Their homemade chilli sauce (aptly named Pedas Thug –‘Pedas Tak?’ ) has become a huge hit and they sell bottles of the sauces weekly due to increasing requests from their customers.

Hot wings with a local touch

Although most of their offerings have a Tex Mex feel, Hungry Thug do sell other western dishes too.

Ja'Heart = jahat. Get it? Yes? No?

Among their bestsellers are the Poutine Ja’Heart and Beef Cheesy Thug sandwich. The Poutine Ja’Heart comprises of fries topped with mac and cheese, gravy and a generous dose of chilli flakes.

This one's a 'filler'

The Beef Cheesy Thug sandwich is quite similar to the poutine, using the same toppings but they’ve substituted the fries with shredded beef in a bun, which makes for quite a filling sandwich. Hearty, messy and stodgy, these are great options for ravenous tummies.

Now think of all those rich, cheesy flavours and how good it would be to wash it down with an ice-cold beverage. And what better drink to go with a hefty sandwich creation like this than Seasons Tea. Hungry Thug have partnered up with them so you can enjoy their meaty, cheesy sandwich with a refreshing Seasons Tea.

Founded by Irhas Putra Rosli, Hungry Thug is a business fueled by passion. It was his immense love for food that prompted Irhas to venture into the food industry. After months of research, sourcing for ingredients, experimenting with recipes and even attending classes to refine his cooking skills, Irhas made the decision to invest in a food truck. Now, along with running the operations for Hungry Thug, he also offers consultancy services to entrepreneurs looking to set up their own food truck or vendors seeking to expand or develop their menus.

A superb sandwich deserves a superb tea to go with it

For one day only, get Hungry Thug’s awesome Beef Cheesy Thug with a can of Seasons Tea. It’s the perfect match! Take a picture of yourself enjoying SEASONS with your meal, hashtag #seasonsteaperfectmatch