Italian on Sixth

by Alexa P. on Tue, August 18, 2009

Being a food lover and writer I always inevitably get this question from people “where is the best place to eat?”…to which I respond “uhm…depends what type of food you want”…and I can bet you that almost 99% of the time this is the response I get…“Hmm...something Western…how about Italian?” While I’ve tried a few Italian spots none of them really urged me to shout from rooftops. That is of course until I happened upon Italian on Sixth.

It's almost a shame to destroy this

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Italian on Sixth
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    Lot 6.12, Level 6, Pavilion, No. 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03 2144 2992

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    Great service

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    It’s located in a mall and so not as convenient on days when the mall has high traffic

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    Pork Free

Our evening started off at the bar area where we sipped on wine and nibbled on an assortment of bruschetta topped with creamy mushrooms, olive tapenade, and chopped tomatoes with basil. My favourite without a doubt is the olive tapenade made with finely minced tangy kalamata olives and just a hint of garlic. The creamy mushrooms have a mild buttery creaminess to it but they lack strong flavours which I am partial to.

They have a great selection of mouth watering appetizers and we have trouble narrowing it down to just a few choices. For cold starters we decide to go with the prosciutto and melon (a must in traditional Italian cuisine) as well as the buffalo mozzarella salad. The sweet ripe cantaloupe paired with the saltiness of the thin slice of prosciutto was just heavenly! There’s something about that sweet salty taste that gets me every time. I also thoroughly enjoyed the rich fresh creamy slices of buffalo mozzarella with juicy tomato. For the warm appetizers we chose beef carpaccio the pan seared scallops wrapped in bacon. The thinly sliced beef is tender and delicious with a light hint of lemon and olive oil and the scallops were extremely flavourful with within crisp salty pork bacon wrap.

A specialty dish here is the spaghetti aglio olio with fresh seafood (mussels, prawns, and squid). It is served wrapped up in a paper which you undo once it reaches your table. The reason they do this is to seal in the aroma which is meant to hit you just as you open it up. When you do you are hit with the unmistakable scent of truffle oil, garlic, and oceany seafood. Take a deep whiff before you tuck in as this adds to the experience. There is also a little something special added for the Malaysian palate and we discovered this once we took a bite; sliced chilli padi has been added into the mix giving it a mild spicy hit. This dish alone gives me a reason to return!

Once our pasta has been eagerly slurped up we’re on to the meat portion of our meal and we’ve opted to go with the breaded pork chops and the duck magret freshly flown in from France. The pork chops are savoury and full of flavour…the crisp breading lends it a nice crunch. I however am in love with the tender duck…it is barbecued and has a smoky flavour to it that goes very well with the balsamic glaze and strawberries. Yumminess!

Dessert is a course not to be missed at Italian on Sixth. We have a hard time figuring out what to try out and so we ordered four specialties to sample; tiramisu, pannacotta, ginger crème brulee, and chocolate mousse. All of these are wonderfully presented. You can always judge the quality of an Italian restaurant by its tiramisu and here it is done well, creamy with a nice coffee flavour to it. I also enjoyed the milky pannacotta that is beautifully decorated…it almost seemed a pity to destroy such a work of art. The crème brulee here is quite a spectacle as they brulee it table side with a blowtorch. The sugar bubbles and browns into a hard crust right before your eyes. The eggy creaminess is sublime with a hint of ginger. And finally, the chocolate mousse will win any chocolate lover’s heart. It is supremely rich and smooth and no matter how full you are you can’t help but scoop up spoon after spoon. Perfecto!

Service here is above par and we felt well taken care of especially at the end. While we were lingering with a few glasses of wine, Head Chef Ron Chew brought out a plate of chocolate covered strawberries which he momentarily blasted with a blow torch to get a gooey melted chocolate effect. He just wanted us to have something additional to enjoy our wine with.

Italian on Sixth knows how to pamper its guests with both food and service which is why the next time someone asks me for a great Italian place this will be one of the first I’ll recommend.