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Jarrod & Rawlins

by The Foodster on Thu, December 13, 2007

A Sunday roast that satisfies and REAL bacon with your breakfast. J & R even has a deli for you take home those fat sausages

A hangover cure or just plain greedy?

Foodster's Verdict

Jarrod & Rawlins
  • Kids
  • Air Conditioned
  • Address

    10 Lorong Dungun Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03 2093 0708

  • Open

    Open daily, 10am-12midnight, kitchen closes at 10.30pm

  • Pros

    Sausages... yes good hearty sausages

  • Cons

    Though we like the garden area on weekends you might be swamped down with children

  • Price Range

    RM 60

  • Parking


  • Certification


There was a time when you could only find good pork sausages in certain high-end supermarkets. When Jarrod & Rawlins (a made-in-Malaysia brand) entered our market, they sold not only sausages and other meats in their deli counter, but also prepared cooked meals using the same raw ingredients. For a small charge of RM10, one can select from a wide range of sausages, bacon, pork chops and other meats and request them to cook and serve the meal in their restaurant. The dish is also served with either french fries, mashed potatoes or salad on the side.

Making a decision wasn’t easy but I eventually settled for two varieties – chorizo and dynamite. The chorizo is a pork sausage with a reddish tint that is derived from paprika. I have always liked this sausage as it suits my Asian palate which is a preference for a slightly spicier version as compared to the mellower English Oxford or German sausages. The aptly named dynamite got my attention quite easily, and upon inquiring, I was told that it included bird’s eye chilli (cili padi), hence its name. If you are game to try the dynamite, be warned. Unlike its more sophisticated (but extremely distant) cousin, the wasabi (Japanese horseradish paste), the heat from the bird’s eye chilli lingers on the tongue long after you have swallowed the last bit of sausage. Despite that, masochist or not, the dynamite is a delicious alternative. Also available are lamb & cranberry sausages, pork & herb sausages and pork basic bangers. If you don’t care much for sausages, you can opt for cuts which include lamb chops, pork chops and steaks at prices ranging from RM3.50 to RM11.80 per 100grams.

My pork chop was grilled beautifully, and the flavour of the pork mixed with the smokiness of the slightly charred surface made for a delicious meal. The lack of a sauce enables one to savour the meat for what it is with absolutely no interference from competing flavours. A selection of vegetables is also on display, ready to be cooked. I loved the earthy flavour of the Portobello mushroom stuffed with cheese which was quite substantial and filling. The bacon bits sprinkled on the mushroom gave it the extra oomph. A good selection of wines and desserts are also available.

The beauty about this concept is that you can decide what and how much you’d like to consume. If you prefer variety and are not preoccupied with an expanding waist, then by all mean pick one of everything and eat as much as you like. The keywords here are “you” and “control”. Side by side. A popular breakfast set (available on weekends) is the J & R's Special Fried Breakfast set consisting of two eggs, two sausage, bacon, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, fried bread, coffee and juice. I requested for the eggs to be done sunny side up and they were cooked perfectly with the yolks slightly runny. The pork bangers were lovely too – lightly grilled and sufficiently juicy. Similarly, the bacon was also grilled lightly to ensure that the meat was not overly dry. If you like fried food, you will enjoy the fried bread. The bread is fried evenly, soaking a little bit of oil and yet retaining its crispness. Eaten with butter, it feels sinful but tastes heavenly.

The restaurant in Jalan Dungun, Damansara is located in a converted bungalow and is divided into three sections. On the lower ground floor there is al fresco dining with a garden for the children to play in, while the restaurant with more formal settings is located on the mezzanine floor. The top floor has a small bar where one can also have a meal on glass-topped barrels and bar stools. Parking is rather frightful, but if you’re willing to walk there is paid parking a short way down the road. They also have a branch at Desa Sri Hartamas and at The AMPWALK on Jalan Ampang.