Kim Hoe Seafood

by The Foodster on Fri, March 06, 2009

Sometimes on a Sunday that seem to stretch out for ages, it's good to stretch out those city slicker legs and head out for the outskirts. Well outskirts of Klang that is. Pulau Ketam is just a boat ride away and you can scoop up some fresh seafood while you are there

Hot and crisp omelette riddled with oysters

Foodster's Verdict

Kim Hoe Seafood
  • Address

    28k Main Street, Pulau Ketam, Port Klang
    Tel: 03 3110 4216

  • Open

    Lunch and dinner

  • Pros

    If you like taking photos, this is a great place to explore and enjoy fresh seafood

  • Cons

    Food can be inconsistent and not as cheap as you think it'll be

  • Price Range

    RM 100

  • Parking


  • Certification


It's been a while since any of us been to Pulau Ketam and we must say that nothing much has changed. At Port Klang we found the jetty that goes to Pulau Ketam and had to stand in a longish boat for a trip to the island. We passed a lot of mangroves on the way all the while taking in err… fresh air and the prevalent fishy smell. No prizes for guessing what we were going to eat that day.

First up we were greeted with a row of chicken feet drying in the humid air like a macabre art installation. There were also sea eagles on the hunt on a nearby island (probably been driven crazy by the smell of fish). On the mud flats just below the jetty were loads of tiny crabs and mud skippers and we even saw a green crab with purple limbs. There was also a small heron looking for a bite on the mud flats.

But lets get to the food. There's been quite a bit of mixed reporting where this restaurant is concerned but it's still full of people. So always an indication that a place is edible. First up, some mantis prawns cooked in batter. It had a more intense taste than normal prawns, almost like eating the head part of the prawn throughout. The way it was prepared reminded us a little of how they make sweet and sour pork. Then, from the restaurant next door came omelette with oysters. Again some friends mentioned to us that it's a bit of a hit and miss. On the day we came though, we found it quite satisfying and got a little tongue-burn from eating it hot and crunchy.

We also had delightful butter prawns, coiled like crisp golden fifty cent coins. It had soft flesh, not too oily with an enriched butter taste. The lala cooked with ginger and spring onion was of the type of ‘lala’ that had a thicker shell, which makes it a lot sweeter. Most things with ginger and spring onions are delicious in our opinion anyway. Other than that we also had bamboo clams ( kam heong style) which was again bigger than what we were normally used to on the ‘mainland’. The red snappers were cooked in simple teochew style with assam and salted vegetables. A simple dish that enhances the freshness of the fish.

At the end of the meal, the mantis prawns and butter prawns were cleaned out and all that was left of the fish were just fragrant bones. Rather tired from all the exploring and digesting, we sat and let some of our friends who had never been there before wander around. We heard that they tried some yam fried ice cream after that. So here's the thing, perhaps it's a rather long way to travel for some seafood seeing as there are some excellent places a lot closer to home, however there is a certain kind of timelessness to Pulau Ketam that makes a trip here worthwhile.


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