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La Famiglia

by Edwan S. on Tue, May 17, 2016

One of the veterans of the KL food truck scene is definitely La Famiglia. Their black and gold, Mafia-themed truck has built a steady following among KL foodies, and it's easy to see why...

The food truck you can't refuse.

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La Famiglia
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    RM5 - RM10

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    Muslim Owned

As you approach the truck, you can hear the familiar waltz tune in your head. You think about lavish weddings, covert meetings, dealings behind shady doors. Then, when you expect the guy behind the counter to speak with an Italian accent, or maybe call you 'paisan', you hear instead: "Hi, nak makan apa?" in clear, perfect Malay.

Daniel Marizd, the boss, simply says, "We love the Godfather movies. LOVE THEM. So when we decided to sell pasta, it seemed like a mafia theme was a perfect fit.” This was an inspired idea. One of the first to adopt a theme around the food they serve, La Famiglia now is one of the most loved and recognized food trucks in Klang Valley.

Creamy carbonara ala Genovese!

The simple Italian inspired menu is peppered with references to classic Mafia fact and fiction. The name 'La Famiglia' is what the Mafioso refer to themselves as. Dishes include the Genovese (after Mafia boss Vito Genovese), a carbonara with a smooth, creamy and savoury sauce with bits of garlic in it.

All hail the boss

Another popular one is The Boss (of course!) Pasta: it's a cunning hybrid of their carbonara and Bolognese sauces, spiked with spicy chilli and topped with juicy slices of chicken.

Nope, can't refuse this pasta

Gambino, FYI, was the real life inspiration for 'Don Corleone' from the Godfather movies

And of course there is our favourite- The Gambino, aglio olio spaghetti tossed in hot and spicy olive oil with yummy, well cooked seafood on top.

"To keep to the theme, we try to use genuine Italian ingredients. Our olive oil, pasta... they're mostly Italian brands, whenever we can get them but we still try and keep prices low," smiles Daniel.

Now what better drink to have with this briny and slick pasta than a Seasons Tea, Malaysia's no. 1 Ice Tea. “In Italian cooking they use a lot of fresh flavours and often a squeeze of lemon finishes a dish perfectly. So the selection of refreshing Seasons Tea is the perfect match for our delicious pasta,” says Danny.

Real gangsters eat pasta with tea!

Prices at La Famiglia are dead cheap, you swear your eyes are playing tricks on you the first time you see them. They are that affordable. The crew is friendly and fun too, always up for something new. Daniel has even held talks on entrepreneurship to budding food entrepreneurs.

For one day only, get La Famiglia’s killer Gambino Olio with a can of Seasons Tea. It’s the perfect match! Take a picture of yourself enjoying SEASONS with your meal and hashtag #seasonsteaperfectmatch