Latest Recipe

by The Foodster on Sat, January 19, 2008

Latest Recipe manages to stay fresh among all the all you can eat buffets in town

Try chocolate chip ice cream with gummy bears and nuts

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Latest Recipe
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    2 Jalan Stesen Sentral, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470, Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03 2263 7434

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    6.30am to 12.00am

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    Teppanyaki ice cream, baby

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    RM140 - RM160

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    Pork Free

Le Meridien recently launched Latest Recipe. This place serves all day dining with a wide selection of international cuisine and live cooking at mealtimes. Food presentation here is forefront on their minds with the yellow lime-stained glass wall adding a refreshing ambiance to the place. The moment you seat yourself down, you will get fidgety- craning your necks out to check out what’s available. This is when you will notice the three big chocolate fountains consisting of white, dark and milk chocolate. At this point you have to remember to keep the chocolate fountain for dessert as there are many more things to choose from.

The Japanese stall is super fresh. Freshly cut tuna, butterfly fish, salmon, octopus and all sorts of other tasty things. You know it's fresh because the fish just melts in your mouth minus the fishy taste especially the creamy ‘lemak‘ butter fish, which we thought was cod fish at first. Forget the sushi, just attack the sashimi. Even non-lovers of fish will have to admit that the sashimis here are good! For those not into raw fish, there's always the Scallop Teppanyaki which comes lightly grilled and served with their special white seafood sauce. Just a mouthful of this will take you back under the sea.

And still, if you're up for more seafood and not the Japanese kind, head on to the Seafood Stage where all of their good seafood are presented, alter like, in tribute to their vast variety of fresh seafood. The clams here are cleaned perfectly, along with the barbecued tiger prawns, cuttlefish and grilled fish.

Perched right next to the Japanese stall is the Indian food display that will instantly get your attention. There are so many varieties. Naans and pratas are made fresh and goes perfect with their range of masalas, dhaal and curries. We did however find the naan a little on the chewy side. And oh oh! Their papaddoms are super crispy and rich in spices eaten together with one of our favorite dips, the sweet chutney. Popular dishes here can be prepared ‘ala minute’ which means that you don’t get food sitting for a long time in bain maries. What we thought is a nice touch is that the food is presented in cast iron pans, woks and beautiful china.

As we walked down the buffet line, gawking and aweing and trying to make up our minds on what to eat next, it just hit us. Dessert! So back to the chocolate fountains we went and picked up a plate of strawberries; we were very sure that they had many other things to dip into the chocolate but we just made a beeline for the superbly succulent strawberries. The freshly made Belgian waffles are also worth coming here for. For they are made with these spongy light doughs which the chef actually hand picks and rolls neatly, one lump at a time onto the waffle iron . If only we could, we would ‘doggy bag’ some of those waffles. Even now we want more of those waffles.

However, we saved the best for last. A highlight of the evening is the teppanyaki ice cream. Ice cream is taken and put in an ice cold flat plate. Then all kinds of toppings and yummy things are folded into the ice cream using teppanyaki-style flourish. Try chocolate chip ice cream with gummy bears and nuts with chocolate fudge folded in, or you could do your own combo with the 40 over types of toppings. We went several rounds just to watch the chef in action. The offerings at Latest Recipe will make you come back on another day just to have more of your favourite dishes. Prices are RM68++ and RM78++ for lunch and dinner respectively with a RM10 surcharge during the weekends.