Low Yau Kee

by The Foodster on Sun, January 21, 2001

Porridge here is sweet and very fine. Believe us you'll order seconds

It gives a warm feeling in your belly

Foodster's Verdict

Low Yau Kee
  • Address

    Low Yau Kee Chicken Porridge Along Jalan Tun H.S. Lee Kuala Lumpur

  • Open

  • Pros

    Food when ordered comes quite fast here

  • Cons

    During rush hour, you have to be pretty aggressive to get your order in

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In Cantonese "Low Yau Kee" means very good friends. According to one of the people I met, this particular hawker have been around for more than twenty years. Normally around dinner time you are either darn lucky or have to get pretty aggressive to get a place to sit down. Today, we were lucky to get seats.

After a few exchanges of Cantonese with the very lean looking cook we ordered two bowls of porridge and two portions of steamed chicken. We also ordered some iced chrysanthemum drinks which are healthier than the packet ones. After about 7 minutes our food arrived. The texture of the porridge is very fine without any trace of lumpiness. It has a sweetened taste to it and according to our guest Foodster, they probably put some chicken stock in the porridge.

The steamed chicken has a mixture of oil and soya sauce as part of the gravy which goes nicely with it. There are also a few pieces of cucumber which comes along with the dish. They also provided small dishes of chilli sauce mixed with ginger which tasted just delicious when you dip the chicken in it. Both of us enjoyed the meal so much that we ordered seconds. So, it seems that Low Yau Kee passed the Porridge Test!

The crowd is from the full spectrum of society and the majority are workers from the surrounding area and people like us who just can’t stay away from good porridge. Here’s a useful tip. We noticed that the closer you get to the stall and the more anxious you look waiting for the food, chances are you'd probably get your food sooner. The last time we went, we got the food earlier than some guys who came earlier but who sat much further away and without line of sight of the cook. Soli ahh brother! Line of sight is important.