Mat Rock Ayam Goreng Kunyit Special

by Edwan S. on Mon, May 30, 2016

This week we are going loco for local. It's ayam goreng kunyit, pretty much chicken fried in turmeric cooked with green beans, served up with hot rice, doused with thick and sweet soy sauce and a kick ass sambla belacan and it's only RM5! So much win!

Eat until you sweat... oh yeah...

Foodster's Verdict

Mat Rock Ayam Goreng Kunyit Special
  • Address

    There have 7 food trucks but the one we went to is at HSBC, by Masjid Jamek.
    Tel: 03- 9202 7314 (office) 03- 9202 9314 (restaurant) 1300 88 5800 (delivery)

  • Open

    Lunch and dinner depending on truck

  • Pros

    Consistent quality and which other meat and seafood choices too

  • Cons

    Yes... you will get pretty sweaty, queuing up at rush hour and eating the sambal...

  • Price Range

    RM5- RM8

  • Parking


  • Certification

    Muslim Owned

Chicken. Rice. Sambal. You really can’t go wrong with this food combo. Mat Rock built a business around this. Bite-sized pieces of chicken, marinated in turmeric and salt is fried to a wonderfully crisp exterior while the inside remains tender. To this, a handful of fried onions and beans are added for some crunch. All this rests on a bed of fluffy white rice.

Chicken all crispy and hot

And then, we come to his cheeky tagline, ‘Makan Sampai Berpeluh’ (literally eat until you sweat). You wonder why, take a bite...then you start to sweat. Your tongue burns. Your ears pop... then you eat some more.

This is the secret to his best-selling dish. The Sambal. OH WOW THE SAMBAL. It's a simple sambal belacan, but it BURNS, it burns hot and crazy. It touches everything in your packet - the chicken, rice, veggies - and turns it into a firebomb. Crazily, the intense hotness accentuates the flavour of the whole dish, as the spice pairs beautifully with the blank canvas that is the rice and the salty sweetness from the chicken, veggies and dashes of sweet soy sauce. It is so delicious and crazily addictive. And yes, you will 'berpeluh!' (sweat) so no false advertising here folks.

Check out that red hot sambal with the sotong goreng kunyit

Hence that’s why Mat Rock has partnered up with Seasons Tea to cool you down after eating your fill of his wicked spicy dish. Seasons Tea has a refreshing citrus tang that is the perfect match for the fiery sambal and crunchy chicken.

Mat Rock got his name because when he started up in the late 90s he had long ‘rock kapak’ hair. He started with a typical nasi campur place and then realized that people wanted something simple and satisfying for their lunch. So he narrowed it down to either perfectly fried meats or seafood with rice, a bit of veggie and sambal. The rest is history and he now owns seven trucks and some stalls around KL.

And get this, prices start at RM5 only for a quick grab-and-go lunch. You can also get a combination of any two meats and with RM1 extra, a fried egg on top. Lazy? There’s a 1300 number for deliveries straight to your office or home.

His sambal is so spicy, you need to eat it with some cooling tea

For one day only, get Mat Rock’s ridiculously tasty ayam goreng kunyit with a can of Seasons Tea. It’s the perfect match! Take a picture of yourself enjoying SEASONS with your meal and hashtag #seasonsteaperfectmatch



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