Mayflower Seafood Restaurant

by Alexa P. on Sat, July 03, 2010

I hardly ever go to Klang…actually correction…I never go to Klang. For me it’s like another planet and I know good food is to be found there, but since it’s so foreign I never do make the trip. This changed recently when my dad called me to tell me about a delicious seafood restaurant he chanced upon and insisted I try it out.

Rich broth with generous servings of seafood

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Mayflower Seafood Restaurant
  • Kids
  • Address

    796 Jalan Rambai, Pandamaran 42000 Port Klang
    Tel: 03 3167 0046

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  • Pros

    Cheap and good!

  • Cons

    It's a bit far especially if you are coming from KL

  • Price Range

    RM 40

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  • Certification


One Saturday night we packed the whole family into two cars and took the 40min drive over to Klang and after many toll booths and a couple of wrong turns we finally arrived with rumbling tummies in anticipation of the tasty dishes my dad had described.

An interesting thing to note is that there are quite a few Chinese seafood restaurants in Pandamaran town away from the waters edge. I usually equate delicious fresh seafood with the sea, but my dad’s enthusiasm for the place was enough for me to know that the food would be good despite the lack of an ocean view.

A specialty dish here is the ikan pari with the ginger chilli oil. Unfortunately they had already sold out for the day, and it was only 8pm! We asked if any other fish could be prepared in the same way and the owner agreed to serve us something similar. We also ordered the kangkung belacan, sizzling tofu, seafood curry mee, and the chilli crabs.

The curry mee was the first thing to arrive at our table. A large clay pot is filled with a curry broth and a generous serving of noodles, plump prawns, tender squid, and chopped up ikan pari. The broth is undeniably flavourful without being extremely spicy. It is also not too thick, which makes slurping it up a pleasure. This could have been dinner on it’s own as there was plenty to go around

The kangkung here is heavy on the belacan, which I quite enjoy but it’s not for everyone. If you aren’t a fan of the stinky fishy stuff I think you’d be better off with your veggies cooked in oyster sauce or garlic. I find the tofu to be a standard dish not any better or worse than other restaurants.

The highlight of my night was without a doubt the crab and the fish. The sauce on the crab is thick and while it has heat from the chilli it is not too spicy. This is the type of sauce you’d be happy to have all over your hands just so you can lick it all off. We sucked each claw and leg clean till there was nothing left but a pile of shell pieces. The crabmeat is sweet and tender, certainly fresh.

Oh and the fish? Wow! I have never had it prepared this way before. The whole fish is steamed and then shredded pieces of ginger and chilli are fried up in oil and then poured over. This gives the fish a fragrant crust and a tasty chilli oil to dip the delicate meat in. I would be happy to drive all the way to Klang just to have this fish…well actually next time I’ll make sure to come early enough to try the ikan pari which is the best for this method of preparation.

While this restaurant is quite a drive away it’s worth every minute spent in the car. The food is good and it’s extremely affordable. The whole meal came up to RM120. All six of us left well fed and stuffed to the gills with great seafood. Can’t beat that!