Mee Penang Al-Syed

Thick gravied noodle that has been cooked until thick. Sometimes only a mee mamak can hit the spot

by The Foodster Photography FriedChillies Sun, February 02, 2003

"Dulu di Jln Railway.. sekarang dah pindah dah" says Mohammad Abd. Hamid, the proprietor of Al-Syed. Apparently Al Syed was his dad who started the business back in 1967. This Penang Mee has been traded for more than twenty years, passed on from father to son and their specialty is mee rebus and rojak penang. Penang Mee Rebus is one of the best in the country and normally outside of Penang, very rare to find one that has that original mamak touch. But I must say that Al-Syed is the closest that you'll get in KL... and it's good. The difference between a Malay styled mee rebus and an original mamak is that the mamak version has a thicker gravy and a lot richer in spices and flavour. At Al-Syed, the mee rebus has the typical tauhu, boiled egg, fried pasembur, potatoes and kuih udang. The original taste lies in the traditionally prepared recipe for the kuah or sauce that consists of udang kering, dhal, kacang kuda, chili and other secret ingredients. This potent concoction is cooked for about one hour "sampai pekat". That gives the kuah the original taste.

The rojak mamak uses almost the same kuah but used an ubi keledek base instead. You normally take rojak with shredded cucumbers and sengkuang instead of the mee. All other ingredients are the same. Nevertheless, this one is good too.

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Foodster's Verdict

Mee Penang Al-Syed


Mee Penang Al-Syed F17, Upper Floor, Medan Makan Sunway, Bandar Sunway Bandar Sunway Selangor

10.00 am to 5.00 pm

The sauce is still prepared the traditional way


Price Range:


Muslim Owned


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