Mikey’s Original New York Pizza

by Edwan S. on Tue, June 24, 2014

There's a saying that goes 'even bad pizza is pretty good.' But two Americans in KL decided that we deserve a better class of pizza. Excellent hand-made pizzas with a crust to die for are the order of the day here. So if Mikey's is any indication, maybe pizzas are the next big thing in our local restaurant scene. Edwan finds out..

Pizza in KL just got serious..

Foodster's Verdict

Mikey’s Original New York Pizza
  • Kids
  • Air Conditioned
  • Address

    17, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar 59100 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: +6 03 2202 0880

  • Open

    Everyday, 12pm - 11pm

  • Pros

    Great pizza with a truly excellent crust. Good prices.

  • Cons

    It's Bangsar, so of course, parking.

  • Price Range

    RM20 - RM50

  • Parking

    Only on a Tree

  • Certification

    Pork Free

Unlike burgers, pizza hasn't really hit its boom... yet. Is it because they're harder to make or get right than burgers? We're not sure ourselves. However, there are some good independent pizza places in the Klang Valley. These are restaurants that have dedicated people making their own, home-made style pizzas. Often they taste better too compared to the usual 'delivery' pizzas from you-know-who-they-are.

Mikey's Original New York Pizza in Bangsar is one such place. It's a Mat Salleh owned place, as proprietors Michael Helfman and Andrew Belucci hail from the USA and have been making pizza since the 90s.

Welcome to Mikey's!

A dearth of good pizza restaurants was what prompted them to open up their own in KL. Ever since they started earlier this year, Mikey's has been getting some good buzz on social networks. The restaurant is clean and stylish, easily echoing an American-Italian eatery with its chess-board floor and brick walls decorated with old-timey posters and pictures.

So what's a New York Style pizza then? Well, for starters, they're bigger than what we're used to seeing, and are often sold by the slice. In fact a hallmark of New York style pizza are those big, big slices that require you to 'fold' it for easier eating. And trust us, a slice here is probably equivalent to 2 and a half slices of the 'usual' pizzas sold in Malaysia.

The menu is great and varied, with several varieties of pizzas, some starters and sandwiches. I tried three kinds. The Classic (RM8.88) and Bianco (RM10.88) are the two most basic pizzas. I always believe that whenever I try out a new place, always go for the most basic dishes as a place that pays attention to the simple stuff often make greater 'complicated' items. Keep in mind the slices are huge! One slice can easily feed one person 'til full. Best bet is to share.

The Classic..

The Classic is a simple tomato sauce and cheese affair with a scattering of Grana Padano and sliced basil. The crust is fantastic: well charred and full of holes, meaning the dough was prepared well and baked quickly in a really hot oven. The tomato sauce was tangy but not too acerbic, balanced out well with the cheese on top.

Fold it to eat it, and check out that lovely burnished crust..

The Bianco, on the other hand, was creamy... really creamy with its 4 cheeses: cheddar, mozarella, goats cheese and soft, luscious ricotta.The other pizza I sampled was Mikey's Favourite (RM10.88) which was basically the Classic but this time loaded with tender, juicy and savoury home-made meatballs, roasted peppers and onions. They have many other pizzas as well: Wild Mushroom, Hawaiian, and even a cili-padi laced monstrosity called the 911 (note: must try this next time. Fun fact: if you finish an entire 18-inch 911 pizza, they put you on a wall of fame!).

It's counter service, we should mention..

The waffle fries are okay: crispy on the outside with a fluffy potatoey interior. I ordered the one served with brown sauce, ketchup, bleu cheese dressing and a killer smoked chilli mayonnaise. They have boneless buffalo wings as well, if you're so inclined. Drinks wise, Mikey's offers the usual soft drinks and sweet teas, but try out the New York Egg Cream (RM9). No, it's not egg as a drink but actually milk mixed with chocolate sauce topped with soda water. Think of it as a 'lite' milkshake. Good, but I wish it was creamier.

All in, Mikey's is one of the best independent pizzas around. High-notes are that fantastic pizza crust (seriously, I imagine just having it plain, maybe with some olive oil to dip into) and a really relaxed, casual atmosphere. I can't wait to try out the other pizza flavours. Prices are pretty reasonable too for Bangsar!